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"Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

…….Cree Indian Prophecy

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 Fresh From the Farm

Time to be wary of organics?!  Is it still safe?  The absolutely  BIGGEST seed company (need I mention any names?) is now producing "Certified Organic Hybrids"    CERTIFIED ORGANIC HYBRIDS!!!     ORGANIC always meant to me sustainable, renewable, natural......what do you think?



 BEAN, SCARLET RUNNER Phaseolus coccineus Perennial if mulched over in winter in cold areas. The vine can grow 6 to 15 feet. The tender green pods are edible before they become filled with beans and fibrous, the seeds can be used fresh or as dried beans. Originally from South and Central America. The flowers are edible and attract Hummingbirds.  25 seeds  Quantity> - $2.30

JICAMA  Pachyrhizus erosus  (pronounced hee-cama)  Crisp, juicy, sweet tubers can be eaten raw, stir-fried, boiled or roasted. Often sliced thin and sprinkled with salt, chili pepper, and lemon juice. Remains crunchy even after cooking. A vine up to 20 feet long it needs 8-9 months to produce the edible roots.Caution: the seeds, leaves, outer skin and pods of jicama are poisonous containing Rotenone a natural pesticde! Must be peeled well as the ONLY edible part is the inside of the root.Jicama is also an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C - 44% of the daily value per serving -its fiber is infused with oligofructose inulin, which has zero calories and doesn't metabolize in the body. Inulin promotes bone health by enhancing absorption of calcium from other foods, promotes “good” bacteria growth in the gut that aids in immunity. 25 seeds Quantity> - $2.30 

MUSTARD, DRAGON TONGUE Brassica juncea Open pollinated. Frilly, crinkled leaves are vibrant green with purple veins and thick white midribs. It has the perfect balance of sweet 
and spicy. Slow to bolt. Matures in 45 days or baby leaf 21 days. Average 200 seeds  Quantity> - $2.30

TOMATO, BLACK KRIM Heirloom ( Black Crimea) Found in Krim, Russia in 1990 by Lars Olov Rosenstrom of Bromma, Sweden. Beefsteak fruits are a unique combination of  violet-brown and purple-red—they turn almost black with sufficient sunlight and heat. Excellent full flavor. Indeterminate, growing to 4- to 7-foot vines 70-90 days from transplant. 30 Seeds  Quantity> - $2.30 

BASIL, HOLY Ocimum sanctum  Rare basil with a spicy scent of clove, lemon, and cinnamon. Medicinal: Leaves are used fresh or dried to make tea to lower fevers related to colds and flu, as an antibiotic for skin infections and as an insect repellent. Stimulates the immune system and provides many health benefits. 50+ seeds Quantity>$2.30

PEPPER, CHOCOLATE HABANERO,  Maturing to a deep chocolate brown, these are still habanero hot with a touch of an earthy, smoky flavor.  20 seeds Quantity>$2.30

    Self Watering Stacking Planters 3 tier system Quantity>$29.95

SALAD PLANTER SET  Contains:  3 Tier Planter Kit, 3 Small Coir bricks, 1 pound Worm castings, seeds for Lettuce Mix, Tiny Tim Tomato, Green Onions, Sweet Pepper, Spinach and Mustard Greens includes shipping! Quantity > $63.95

HERB PLANTER SET Contains:  3 Tier Planter Kit, 3 Small Coir bricks, 1 pound Worm castings, seeds for Basil, Chives, Parsley, Mint, Oregano & Thyme includes shipping! Quantity > $63.95

Please note the average shipping cost  is $15.00 additional, this may vary depending on area.

ADD ON PLANTER   (It is not recommended to stack these more than 9 high)   $14.00 Quantity >  plus shipping

SMALL COIR BRICK (300 g / 10.5 ounces)  $4.00  Quantity>  plus shipping

LARGE COIR BRICK 5 kg   15.00  Quantity > plus shipping 

Below are recommended herbs and vegetables that will do very well in these planters





SWEET BAY, BAY LAUREL plant Laurus nobilis (P)  A spice bush in your kitchen or yard.    Outdoors  Zones 8-10 can grow to 30 feet.  OUT OF STOCK 

LIVE NEEM TREES  A large tropical for zone 10 outdoors, elsewhere indoors.  For centuries, millions have cleaned their teeth with neem twigs, treated skin disorders with neem-leaf juice, taken neem tea as a tonic, and placed neem leaves in their beds, books, grain bins, cupboards, and closets to keep away troublesome bugs. The tree has relieved so many different pains, fevers, infections, and other complaints that it has been called "the village pharmacy." A crude antiseptic soap is made from the pulp of the olive-like fruit. A paste made from the leaves has been found to successfully treat skin lesions. Currently shipping to southern states, northern states starting April 30 through September 30.   average size about 10 inches includes shipping-Quantity > $16.95 

ALOE Requires temperatures above 40* to survive. Fresh gel from this plant restores damaged skin.  It is antibacterial and anesthetic. These are shipped ready for planting, two sizes available (Inquire about larger sizes.):
Small are 2" to 3" $4.50 for the first one -Quantity>
add $3.50 each additional  -Quantity>
Medium are  4" to 6" $6.50 for the first one -Quantity>
add $4.50 each additional -Quantity>

MACADAMIA TREE  One year old and average 12 inches high. Evergreen,  these will flower and fruit in another 4-5 years, maturing at about 12 years with a life span of up to 100 years.  It grows to 40+ feet and is rated to Zone 9b as older trees can withstand a light frost.  Nuts are harvested as they ripen and fall to the ground.  First tree  $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>

MANGO We don’t know which variety this is but they are large, firm and non fibrous.  Our parent trees produce bushels full each season. First tree $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>

TROPICAL / SEA ALMOND TREE (Terminalia catappa)  25 to 50 feet Zones 10 to 11.  About 6 months old and average 10 inches high. Deciduous tree with small almond shaped edible fruit and nut. Grows well in sandy soils and along beaches. It has large leaves providing much shade in summer, fast growing.  Used in folk medicine as treatment for cancer, sickle cell disorders,  dysentery, cough, leprosy, nausea, diarrhea, intestinal parasites, eye problems, rheumatism, colic, liver disease, scabies, upset stomach, thrush and as an antibacterial agent and contraceptive. There is some modern research that suggests it might be useful in treating high blood pressure. Leaf extracts have shown to have some anti-diabetic and antioxidant activities. The leaves are used in fish tanks to increase water acidity and reduce bacterial infections.                      First tree $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>

CANISTEL / Eggfruit (Pouteria campechiana) to 33 feet.  The tree is easy to grow with minimal care because it is quite wind resistant, and tolerates sandy or limestone soils. Seedling trees will produce in 3-6 years.  Eat fresh or used in custards, pies, milkshakes and other desserts. First tree $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>

 BLACK SAPOTE (Diospyros digyna)   A medium sized tree 25 to 30 feet. Black sapote is usually dioecious, meaning that some trees produce only male flowers and no fruit and other trees produce female or bisexual flowers and fruit. Some trees may produce both male and female (or bisexual) flowers on the same tree.  Fruit is only eaten when the skin turns black. First tree $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>  

SOURSOP (custard apple / guanabana)  Annona muricata  25 to 30 feet  $12.00 Quantity> each additional tree $10.00 if shipped together Quantity>

FOR LOCAL PICKUP WE HAVE  Coconut Coir  and 10 or 20 or 30 lb bags of Worm Castings and Compost  10 and 20 lbs

Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix contains: Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss; a sea-based compost blend derived from shrimp by-products, seaweed, and softwood bark; Limestone; Perlite; and Mycorise. Excellent when used for seeding, vegetables, herbs, annuals, and perennials; houseplants and patio planters. 100% organically formulated and is approved by OMRI. One (1) Cubic Foot bag equals 31 Dry Quarts or 28 Liters of growing media.  For local pick up only $10.00



ECONOMY GARDEN  AN EASY AND ECONOMICAL WAY TO STRETCH YOUR FOOD DOLLARS IN THESE HARD TIMES!  1 packet Tomato seeds (our choice), 1 packet Sweet Pepper seeds (our choice), 1 packet Finger Carrots, 1 packet Pak-choi, 1 packet mixed Lettuce (our choice), 1 packet Green Onions, 1 packet Crookneck Yellow Squash, 1 pack Chamomile for tea to help settle the jitters!  Only $10.00, includes shipping by 1st Class Mail. If ordering additional items standard shipping charge will apply.  Quantity > - $10.00 each



the easiest and fastest way to grow your own right away, only days until you can enjoy their crisp nutrition!

All sprouting seed is Certified Organic! Everything you need to start sprouting!

SPROUT JAR 1 Quart w/ Strainer Lid -Sprouting Instructions and 2 Oz. pack of Alfalfa Sprouting Seed. Quantity >- x $10.50

SPROUT LID Strainer Lid For all size seeds if you already have a jar. Quantity >- x $4.50

ALFALFA Commonly seen at a salad bar. Rich in phytochemicals, they help protect against cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and fibrocystic breast disease. They stimulate natural killer cell activity, which strengthens the immune system. They are beneficial in reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause, including hot flashes. Furthermore, they contain high concentrations of antioxidants, the body's defense against the destruction of DNA which is the cause of aging, are abundant sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, amino acids and trace elements. They contain 35% protein. 4 oz. pk. Quantity >- x $4.95

BROCCOLI Excellent Source of Protein-Full of Anti-Oxidants-A source of plant estrogens, similar to human estrogen, helpful in cases of PMS, menopause, hot flashes and fibrocystic disease. 
Nutrient dense they are rich sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, anti-oxidants, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, amino acids and contain as much as 35% protein. Broccoli sprouts have recently become popular after it was discovered that they contain the amazing cancer-fighting phytochemical, sulforaphane. Studies have shown that these sprouts contain 50 times more sulforpohane than fresh broccoli. 4 oz. pk.
Quantity >- x $10.50

RED CLOVER Similar to alfalfa sprouts containing many of the same vitamins, minerals and amino acids. When exposed to light the sprouts grow green & rich with Chlorophyll and Vitamins. 4 ounces
Quantity >- x $5.00

WHOLE PEAS   Delicious, mildly sweet and crunchy sprouts. Add to salads, stir-fries, soups and good for long term food storage. High germination rate. 8 ounces Quantity >- x $3.50

PROTEIN POWERHOUSE MIX Combination of Adzuki, Garbonzo, Mung & Green Peas. A great source of vegan protein plus fiber, vitamins and minerals. A delicious addition to salads, soups, oriental dishes, or best of all by themselves! 8 ounces. Quantity >- x $5.00

SUNFLOWER, BLACK SEED  4 ounces  Quantity >- x $3.00

HARD RED WINTER WHEAT, ORGANIC - for wheatgrass 1 1/4 lb.  Complete instructions included. - Quantity >OUT OF STOCK

Larger sizes available upon request- Special order only prepaid




NEW!  SUNNHEMP "Tropic Sun" (Crotalaria juncea) Lots of green manure in less than 2 months! A fast growing, heat loving legume, is a superb green manure crop used as a Summer cover crop. EXCELLENT source of organic nitrogen, for increasing soil organic matter, for controlling root-knot nematodes, for loosening subsoil.It should be grown for a period of 60 days or less or no more than 3 feet in height before cutting or mowing and incorporating into your soil. At this stage, nitrogen is high and decomposition is fast. Being in the hemp family, it may become fibrous and difficult to plow if it is left longer than the recommended period. Irrigation may be needed for rapid germination and growth. Although drought tolerant, it should receive a minimum of one inch of moisture per week for best growth. Needs good soil drainage, will not tolerate being soggy. Mowing before turning under may be beneficial. Inoculate and instructions included. 2 oz package averages 1400 seeds will cover 
250 square feet.
Quantity >- $3.00 (no discount)

NEW! KODIAK MUSTARD Brassica juncea 80-90 days. Used as a green manure and a natural soil fumigant to eliminate nematodes and soil-borne disease-causing organisms. When worked into the soil, it releases high levels of glucosinolates, a natural chemical agent. For use as a fumigant, mow down and work into the soil immediately. As a cover crop, mow and leave it on the ground to dry before working into the soil. Recycles existing nitrogen and has a high protein content that will increase soil fertility and tilth. Spicy oriental type mustard can be made from the seeds.  2 ounce package cover 500 square feet.  Quantity >- x $3.00 (no discount)

NEW! PERENNIAL PEANUT Arachis pintoi  Complete ground cover can be achieved in about 6 months as this plant pruduces a network of stolons. Flowering begins 3-4 weeks after emergence and continues through the growing season.  Can be mowed at 2-3 inches the first year to reduce weeds and stimulate lateral growth. Subsequent mowing should be at 6-8 inch height . Grows best between 72°F and 82°F. Tops are killed by frost, but recovers by growth from crowns and underground seeds. Best growth is in the warm rainy season but it can survive dry conditions of 4 months or more.  Disadvantages: Not suitable for cut and storage, Difficult to eradicate. Advantages: Productive, Tolerates low fertility, Tolerates heavy grazing suitable for farm stock and wildlife, attractive as an ornamental, perennial ground cover.  1 ounce minimum 150 seeds to cover 150 sq feet  Quantity >- $5.00 (no discount)


Additional shipping charges are required when ordering most of these items.

NATURE MEAL VEGETABLE FERTILIZER  4-8-4  Nature Meal for Vegetables adds organic matter to the soil. It provides minerals and nutrients throughout the season with slow-release of essential nutrients. Produces higher yields and increased pest resistance. Derived from: feather meal, meat & bone meal, sulfate of potash and alfalfa meal.
Light Application: 1/2 lbs per 100 square feet or 1/4 cup per plant
Normal Application: 1 lb per 100 square feet or 1/3 cup per plant
Heavy Application: 2 lbs per 100 square feet or 1/2 cup per plant     $3.50 per pound
Quantity >- $3.50 

PERUVIAN SEABIRD GUANO  Pelleted  12-11-2  Use indoors and out on all plants.  $7.00 per pound Quantity >- $7.00

YELLOW STICKY TRAPS  Use for: Whiteflies, Aphids, Flea Beetles, Leafminers, Thrips, Bean Beetles, Fungus Gnats and more. If you have lizard friends that help in your garden, please be aware they stick to these!  I had to use vegetable oil to remove a couple of the little guys, it was a very delicate operation.   3 x 5 inches >6 traps Quantity >- $4.50  

STICKY TRAP STAKES  Looped wire holders 11 inches high, sturdy, reusable.  Set of 3 >Quantity >- $2.50

EARTH WORM CASTINGS   $2.00 per pound - Quantity >- $2.00

COCONUT COIR  Provides excellent drainage and air to water ratio.  Great for seed starting and mushroom growing. Additive for soil mixtures. 1 gallon bag averages 3 lbs. Quantity>$3.00

MICROSTART-60   PROCESSED POULTRY MANURE (PELLETED) 3-2-3  plus Calcium 2.5%, Sulphur .76 % Apply at the rate of 1 lb per 20 square feet. 1 lb. OUT OF STOCK

OUTBOUND  The ultimate organic pest management surfactant for chewing insects All natural formula repels and suppresses parasites and minimizes plant damage caused by sucking and chewing insects. Contains fructose and complex carbohydrates with naturally occurring sugars, increases the plant defense systems. Safe for animals and surface/groundwater.   Active ingredients: Castor, Cedar, Garlic and Neem oils. Citric acid, white pepper. 1 quart concentrate makes 8 to 16 gallons of solution, THAT'S AS LITTLE AS $1.25 PER GALLON (COVERS 1,000 SQ FEET)!  OUT OF STOCK

 TOTAL  Builds Strong Healthy Plants  Total is plant energy (soil-pathic) and is not to be considered a conventional fertilizer or pesticide. Guaranteed Analysis: Nitrogen..0.6%, Phosphate as P205..0.7%, Soluble Potash as K20..0.15%, botanicals.  Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Soluble Boron, Molybdenum, Sea Weed, Fish cold processed extract,  Sugar cane molasses.  Great for use on vegetables, flowers, fruits, turf, trees and shrubs.  1 quart concentrate makes up to 16 gallons.  OUT OF STOCK  

MINERALPLEX  Naturally Mineralizes Deprived Soil and Plants CONTAINS: Amino, Humic and Fulvic Acids, Proteins, Seaweed, Complex sugars, Iron, Naturally occurring Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt Molybdenum, Zinc, multi-linear polymer fermented with activated spring water. 1 quart concentrate OUT OF STOCK

MULTI BLOOM  Liquid Organic Fertilizer, practically odorless with added mint scent.  Fresh catfish processed by enzymes whereby the protein is broken down (hydrolyzed) into readily absorbable life giving plant foods, enable you to grow beautiful flowers, lush green lawns, and delicious fruits and vegetables. Creates a fertile root zone environment to promote the growth of microorganisms. Formulated for both foliar and root zone applications. Environmentally friendly - organic and biodegradable product.  32 oz hose end sprayer covers up to 4,000 sq. ft. Quantity>$19.95 


DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE) A natural pesticide that will drive away a number of pests, such as ants, cockroaches, and beetles from your lawn, garden, orchard, and household and is perfect for tick and flea control as well. Easy to apply and long lasting. So safe, it is recommended by the USDA as a grain additive for insect control. 
How it Works:
Diatomaceous Earth is composed of diatoms, which are tiny fossilized shells of marine plants. Over time, these algae-like plants form a naturally occurring siliceous compound, containing minerals such as silicon, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. When ground up, these diatoms have the look and feel of talcum powder. However, to insects, this powder has razor sharp edges that cuts through the protective covering and enters the body. Ultimately, it works by dehydration. The diatom is composed mostly of air, making it ideal for liquid absorption. When it enters the insect, Diatomaceous Earth quickly absorbs body fluids. Diatomaceous Earth is the perfect answer for safe insect control. Household: Sprinkle on counters, under cabinets, under foundation, and wherever your pet sleeps. 
Gardens: Coat plants and surrounding soil; apply directly to anthills and other nests. 
Pets: Dust on coats and rub in. Will not harm pets licking their fur. Perfect flea control for winter. 
Grain Storage: Add 2% Diatomaceous Earth by weight. Safe for human consumption. One application last the life of food storage. Safe for children and pets! Will not harm earthworms!  
1 lb. Quantity>$3.50

PestPistol®  Sturdy and easy-to-use, the Pest Pistol® shoots powder right where you need it. Dust nearly invisible cracks and crevices or shoot clouds of powder into huge  voids. It allows you to eradicate, not just control pests.   >   Quantity>$10.00  

-EXTENSION TUBE 12", comes with a separate closed end tip applicator you can customize. Quantity>$2.00

THATCH AWAY is a specially formulated 100% organic liquid concentrate containing millions of active microorganisms that breakdown thatch into particles that plant roots can more readily absorb. This natural decomposition process removes debris and other plant stunting materials, increases beneficial bacteria levels in the soil, fertilizes plants as the excess materials breakdown.
Application: For best results, directly apply Thatch Away liquid on grass or mulch into the soil of areas where thatch is most prevalent. One quart can treat 2,500 square feet.

Thatch Away 1 Qt. Quantity>$17.00

MILKY SPORE POWDER The Japanese beetle and its larvae can be a widespread threat to the health of your garden. At all stages of life this Asiatic beetle can attack, feeding off of your plants and damaging the roots and leaves. Can be safely applied without hurting plants or other organisms in your garden. It is naturally selective, harming only Japanese beetle larvae. Milky Spore is one of the best beetle controlling agents available on the market today. One treatment can continue working for 5, 10, even 20 years. Works by attacking the larvae stage of the Japanese beetle known as grubs. Once treated, the plant roots absorb the spores which these grubs then eat, ingesting a natural occurring bacterium known as Bacillus popilliae. The bacteria are lethal only to Japanese beetle grubs, and cause the grub to die. Its color changes to a milky white during the process, thus the name Milky Spore. These grubs then decay and release billions of bacteria spores back into the soil, restarting the entire process.
For best results, sprinkle Milky Spore insect dust directly onto the plants and root soil around the base of the plant stem. 10 ounces covers 2500 square feet and can work up to 20 years with only one application. Milky Spore can be applied spring, summer and fall and doesn't harm earthworms, birds, bees, fish, other animals, or plants. Because larvae are needed to complete the bacterium cycle, don’t use any other Japanese beetle insecticides as they can kill the grubs before the spores have ample time to reproduce. 

Milky Spore 1 oz. Quantity>$4.00

COMPOST AID is a compost accelerator that contains enzymes capable of speeding up the breakdown process of organic materials. It also detoxifies compost, making for a more enriched finished product.
For best results, use a tablespoon of Compost Aid mixed with one quart of water. Treats one cubic yard of compost. You can saturate the mix to new materials added to your compost pile. For better penetration, punch holes in your compost pile and pour in the mixture. 8 ounces 

FISH MEAL is an excellent year round fertilizer and soil builder. It is completely natural and 100% safe for your entire family. Now you can have a beautiful lawn and garden without having to worry about the problems associated with dangerous chemical fertilizers. Fish Meal is a high nutrient, organic fertilizer with a Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium ratio (N-P-K) of 10-2-2. It has all amino acids and is high in vitamins, including the entire B-complex. Most effective when applied in fall, winter, or early spring to condition the soil. Its slow release of nutrients makes it a dependable soil builder and non-burning nutrient. For lawns, vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, and general landscaping: Apply 10 lbs. to each 1000 square feet for most soils. It is 100% natural, and safe for children and pets.
1 lb. Quantity>$5.00

SEA GROW PLUS is an excellent liquid fertilizer for your foliar, transplanting, and rooting needs. It improves the health and yield of your garden and house plants. It also is great for growing roses, as it intensifies the color.
How it Works Sea Grow Plus is a blend of extracts from natural ocean kelp and fish emulsion. Its ratio of organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K) is 2-1-2. Sea Grow Plus is highly recommended as a foliar nutrient spray, which is an extremely efficient method of providing nutrients directly to the plant. This liquid fertilizer may also be applied directly to the soil. 
Apply at the rate of 1 tablespoon to each gallon of water making certain to mist all sides of leaf surfaces. Apply a minimum of 3 times during the growing season: 1) when plants are first leafing out, 2) when buds are setting, 3) three weeks after buds set. For best results, spray in the early part of the day when evaporation rate is slowest.
Soil application: Apply to soil monthly at the rate of 2 tablespoons to each gallon of water. For large areas, apply 8 ounces to each 1,000 square feet.
Foliar application for potted plants: Apply at the rate of 1 teaspoon Sea Grow Plus to 1 quart of water and mist plants well. May apply weekly or semi-weekly as plants require. 
Sea Grow Plus 1 Quart Quantity>$18.00

EASY TO USE 3 STEP SYSTEM JUST ADD WATER  Each packet can be mixed with 1 to 5 gallons of water depending on quantity needed.

Step1. MYCOBLAST (orange)  contains mycorrhizal fungi  to be applied at initial stages of growth after sprouting or during transplant.  One application is all that is needed.

Step 2.  SOIL BLAST (green) KELP BLAST (blue) applied weekly during growth of leaves and stems.

Step 3.  KELP BLAST (blue) and SWEET MYCO TEA (brown) applied weekly during the budding and flowering stage.

MYCO BLAST $3.00 Quantity>  SOIL BLAST $3.00 Quantity>  MYCO TEA $3.00 Quantity>  KELP BLAST  $3.00 Quantity>

Durable plastic, 6" x 1/2" use a permanent marker to note the name and date of planting .  pack of 25   $2.00 Quantity>

MARKER   fine point  for use with the plant tags.  $1.50 Quantity>


NEW~The BugaBay Worm Box is ideal for the back yard recycler. Made of natural, renewable cedar this unit is attractive durable and efficient. The simple design makes it easy to use, will pump out mounds of Worm Castings. Cedar breathes, plastic doesn’t. The BugaBay Box has no bottom which allows excess moister to drain away.  The box ships in a 2’x4’x 6” container and weights about 30 lb. Dimensions are 2‘Wx4‘Lx2’H and require some basic assembly. You should start this size Worm Box with 4 lb. of Red Worms but be sure to order them ONLY after your box is installed. Located in Freeland WA they also sell the worms.

ORDER DIRECT AT http://www.bugabay.com/bugabay/BugaBay_Company.html  or call  530-559-5929

REDWORMS (Eisenia fetida)  Earthworms break down and process organic matter turning it into the richest fertilizer!  Hungry eating machines, one pound (1200-1600) of worms can eat a pound of waste every 24 hours!  They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and are most active between 60 and 70 degrees.  They require a moist,  pesticide free soil and will multiply readily. By eating your organic waste they create the best fertilizer filled with 5 to 11 times more Nitrogen, Phosphorus Calcium and Magnesium than the food they ate!  Make your own worm bin or add them to your garden today!!  It really is easy.  Please order directly from : 

Southern and Eastern regions go to: FERTILE EARTH FOUNDATION http://www.fertileearth.org/  (Located in Miami, FL) 786-301-2473

Western Regions go to THE WORM FARM http://www.thewormfarm.net/  (Located in Durham CA)  530-894-1276

NEEM extracts of Azadirachta indica tree, can influence nearly 200 species of insects. It is an insect growth regulator and a feeding deterrent. Neem products work by intervening at several stages of the life of an insect. They may not kill the pest instantly but incapacitate it in several other ways. Use of neem products does not give immediate results like chemical insecticides. Some patience is required after application. Insects like flies, cockroaches, leaf miners, mosquitoes, fruit flies, thread worms or nematodes and snails are affected by neem products. Neem products have proved to be remarkably benign to beneficial insects.

NEEM OIL Organic. Derived from the seeds. Mix at the rate of 5 ml. to 1 quart of water this one ounce bottle will make 6 quarts of spray. Works best with an emulsifier. Complete instructions included.
1 ounce dropper bottle. -Quantity>$5.00 New lower price!

ORGANIC POTTING SOIL  1 Gallon bag, average weight (dry) 1 3/4 lb.  Light weight, easy, sterile, and pH adjusted. Contains worm castings.  Quantity>$3.00  

SEED STARTER MIX: Soiless mix containing peat moss, vermiculite, perlite with a pH adjusted to 5.5-6.5.  1 Gallon Bag-Temporarily Out of Stock

MYCOMINERALS™  We now offer garden minerals with mycorrhizal spores. Work into gardens or potting soil to provide essential minor and trace elements, and introduce valuable beneficial microorganisms at the same time. Should be evenly scattered and worked into the top few inches of garden or flower bed soil. Can be blended into potting mix or probed down into the soil of potted plants. Recommended 1 lb. per 50 square feet in garden, or .5 lb. per cubic foot of potting soil.  For more info go to http://www.bio-organics.com/index.html


BIO/ORGANICS™ ENDOMYCORRHIZAL INOCULANT   Used for transplants, seeding beds to aid in nutrient uptake, increase tolerance to environmental stress, drought and soil salinity.  

8 oz  Quantity> $18.00

PLANTSKYDD REPELLENT  OMRI listed Organic Coming Soon!  Effective against small mammals such as rabbits, voles, chipmunks, squirrels, beaver, possum and other small rodents and deer, elk and moose.  OUT OF STOCK

SEED SAVING BAGS  3 X 5 X 2 ml.zip lock for saving your harvested seeds.  Handy for storing other small things.  50 bags $2.00-Quantity>

Mosquito Barrier  please order direct from http://www.mosquitobarrier.com

Mosquito Repellent | Flea & Tick Repellent | Natural Mosquito Control
"A garlic-based natural mosquito repellent and tick repellent for effective mosquito control. "
America's Only Mosquito, Tick And Flea Repellent For Grassy Areas, Yards & Parks. Just one 
spraying will keep mosquitoes, ticks and fleas out of your yard and away from your home, 24 hours 
a day for nearly a month. Being used right now by City Governments for parks, golf courses and 
school grounds - because it works 
Additionally, Mosquito Barrier, when mixed with soybean oil (available at your local grocery store) plus the water, coats any standing water in the area with a very thin film of natural oil, including some garlic oil. This oil suffocates the mosquito larvae which are developing. Mosquito Barrier, unlike chemicals, doesn't kill the bees, butterflies or birds. Generally, four applications are enough for the entire mosquito and tick season for the average sized home and a Twin-Pak (two quarts) of Mosquito Barrier are all that are normally required. More info at:


CAPER Capparis spinosa var. inermis A small shrub to 2-3 ft tall with  red stems semi-succulent round leaves, white flowers. The immature flower buds are used, pickled in vinegar or preserved in granular salt. This plant is salt-tolerant for sea-side growing, prefers extremely dry and sunny conditions needs little cultural care, requires good drainage,  has few disease and insect problems. .  Cut back annually starting the 3rd year for a healthier and bushier plant. Native to the Mediterranean and  the tropics. Seed requires special care for germination, patience required! 25 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30 each 

CAROB St. John's Bread (Ceratonia siliqua) (P) Evergreen small tree to 30', fruits are borne by the female trees. Used as fodder and food, good for diarrhea, milled for a chocolate substitute with less calories and fat than chocolate. Seeds are not edible, only fruits. Zones 9-10 10 seeds- Quantity > - $2.30 each 

BLUE ELDERBERRY Sambucus caerulea Zones 4-10,  15-30 ft.  Native to Western US. Suitable for cold or warm climates. The bright blue delicious berries are a tonic to the vascular system and eyes. They are rich in anthocyanins, bioflavonoids, vitamins and antioxidants. Does best in protected and shady spots, but will tolerate sunny and severe spots, but must have  plenty of water. Can be difficult to germinate and requires soaking and cold stratification.  25 seeds OUT OF STOCK

ARROWROOT  Canna edulis  Native to the West Indies and South America. They are fast growers and will reach 10 ft  in nature, but only about 4-6 feet in containers. The tubers are used as food  and it is the source of Arrowroot starch in Australia. Zones 7-12. 20 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

GUAVA Psidium guajava Guava trees grow rapidly and fruit in 2 to 4 years from seed. They live 30 to 40 years but productivity declines after the 15th year. Sometimes growing as high as 30ft, but usually no more than 10-15 ft. Protect from temperatures below 30F  15 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 each   

ISSAI KIWI Actinidia arguta Small 1" fruits with a very sweet taste. The vigorous vines bear loads of small fruits which are great for salads, desserts or jellies.  Zones 4-9.  12 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

KIWI FRUIT Actinidia chinensis A very hardy vine that can produce up to 300 pounds of fruit on a single vine. Rich in potassium and vitamin C. Cold hardy and very easy to grow. Must have strong trellis to hold up the fruit! NOTE: To obtain fruits male and female plants must be grown.  Zones 7-9.  15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PAW PAW Asimina triloba ZONES 5-11 Hardy to 10°F (-12°C) Full sun Deciduous tree, growing slowly to 30 feet tall with a large, dense, spreading crown. Seeds need 60-100 days of cold stratification. Established trees do not need much water. Typically planted in orchards, they take 7-10 years to reach production. Cross pollination by hand is recommended for best fruit set. Does best in regions with a long, dry summer. 10 seeds -Quantity>-$2.30

HIBISCUS, RED DROPS  Hibiscus sabdariffa aka Rosella, Jamaican sorrel, Florida Cranberry In the Caribbean, fruits are brewed in water to make a refreshing tea. They are also used in salads, jellies, sauces, soups, beverages, chutneys, pickles, tarts, puddings, syrups, and wine. The leaves are also edible, have a rhubarb like taste and are served in salads and curries. The seeds are best roasted or ground to make flour for baking. 25 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

EDIBLE FIG  Ficus carica  (P) Zones 8-10 or to zone 5 with winter protection.  Mediterranean native, tree to 25', can be kept trimmed, bears fruit at approximately 2 years old.  The fruit should be picked when ripe, will not store well unless dried.  20 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PAPAYA Carica papaya  from Hawaii- delicious!  15 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PASSION FRUIT Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa A vigorous plant that does well on fences or a trellis. The yellow fruit from this vine is a common staple in the tropics and is considered a delicacy.  Zone 10.  15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PURPLE PASSION FRUIT Passiflora edulis   The purple fruit from this vine is smaller and slightly sweeter than the yellow type.  Zone 10.  15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

MIRACLE TREE/MORINGA , HORSERADISH TREE, MOTHER'S BEST FRIEND. (Moringa oleifera)  Tropical tree to 45 feet. All parts are useful. The leaves contain a wealth of essential, disease-preventing nutrients. They even contain all of the essential amino acids, which is unusual for a plant. Young seed pods are cooked like asparagus.  Dried leaves are concentrated, they will contain higher amounts of these nutrients, except vitamin C. Vitamins. A, B1, B2, B3, C, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Copper, Fat, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Zinc  For more info on this amazing plant visit www.treesforlife.org   15 seeds $2.30   Quantity>-$2.30

BANANA PASSION FRUIT Passiflora mollissima. A beautiful vine with large leaves and edible yellow fruits 4" in length.  Zone 10.  5 seeds-OUT OF STOCK

SWEETSOP or CUSTARD APPLE Annona squamosa Seeds are poisonous. 10 to 20 ft HIGH, zones 9 - 11. Will produce fruit in 2-3 years. Hand pollination with a natural fiber brush is effective in increasing yield. Germination may take 30 days or more but can be hastened by soaking for 3 days or by scarifying. Medicinal Uses: In India the crushed leaves are sniffed to overcome hysteria and fainting spells; they are 
also applied on ulcers and wounds and a leaf decoction is taken in cases of dysentery. Leaves are also used in baths to alleviate rheumatic pain. The crushed ripe fruit, mixed with salt, is applied on tumors. The bark and roots are both highly astringent. The ripe fruit is luscious. In Malaya, the flesh is pressed through a sieve to eliminate the seeds and is then added to ice cream or blended with milk to make a cool beverage. It is never cooked. 10 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

CATURA COFFEE (Coffea catura) Even more suited to growing indoors, a lighter colored, flavorful bean. Zone 10 10 seeds-  OUT OF STOCK

COFFEE PLANT Coffea arabica. Grow your own pesticide free brew! Plants have dark shiny-green leaves and white fragrant flowers. Very unique and ornamental. Makes an excellent houseplant Zone 10.  +10 seeds- Quantity>-$2.30

PINEAPPLE GROW ONE FREE!! Next time you get one from the grocery, cut off the top so there is about 2" of fruit left. Cut away the fruit to expose the bottom of the leaves, peel away one or two layers of the bottom leaves, this part will be much lighter. Plant this at the depth where the leaves turn darker in a moist mixture in a shady place, keep moist (not soggy) until it roots. Fertilize lightly but often, every one to three months. Plants are mature at two years and will then fruit.

NATAL PLUM Carissa grandiflora  Rich green, glossy, closely set 1-inch oval leaves and star shaped, fragrant flowers, fruits are edible, good for jellies. Provide good light indoors. Zones 8-10.   10 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

DWARF POMEGRANATE Punica granatum nana As a hedge, Bonsai or container plant. Orange-red flowers in summer. Zones 7-11 20 seeds -OUT OF STOCK

POMEGRANATE Punica granatum  Grow from 6 to 20 feet, suitable for a hedge or freestanding tree. Deciduous though Evergreen in tropical climates. Tolerates drought. Orange-red flowers in summer. Zones 7-11 20 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30



BEE NICE Honey Bee Mix A Blend of annual and perennial flowers to attract pollinators to your garden. 1/2 ounce covers 50 square feet
African Marigold / Tagetes erecta Annual Yellow/Orange 36" and Alyssum , Sweet / Lobularia maritima Annual White 12" 
Baby Blue Eyes / Nemophila menziesii Annual Blue 9" and  Black Eyed Susan / Rudbeckia hirta Perennial Yellow/Orange 30" 
Clover, Crimson / Trifolium incarnatum Annual Red 30" and Clover, Strawberry / Trifolium fragiferum Perennial Pink 12" 
Clover, White Dutch /Trifolium repens Perennial White 6" and Coneflower, Purple / Echinacea purpurea Perennial Purple 36" 
Coneflower, Yellow Prairie / Ratibida columnaris Perennial Yellow 30" and Coreopsis, Lance Leaf / Coreopsis lanceolata Perennial Yellow 48" 
Coreopsis, Plains / Coreopsis tinctoria Annual Yellow/Red 30" and Cosmos, Sulphur / Cosmos sulphureus Annual Mixed 18" 
Cosmos, Wild / Cosmos bipinnatus Annual Red/Pink/White 47" and Daisy, Shasta / Chrysanthemum maximum Perennial White 48" 
Phacelia, Lacy / Phacelia tanacetifolia Annual Blue 60" and Mexican Hat / Ratibida columnaris Perennial Red/Yellow 36" 
Sunflower, Wild / Helianthus annuus Annual Yellow 60" and  Sunflower, Dwarf / Helianthus annuus Annual Yellow/Brown Center 16" and
Zinnia / Zinnia elegans Annual Mix 39"      Quantity > - $2.30





Please note for best performance always use mulch to protect the roots from the sun and hard rain.  Many times, though the plant will flower, pollen does not always set when temperatures are consistently above 90* F.

AMARANTH-GREEN LEAF (OP) 50 days  Known as Calaloo in the Caribbean, unique flavor, used in salads.  Oval to heart-shaped leaves, grows 12-18 inches tall.  Young leaves used fresh in salads, older leaves cooked like spinach. Easy, does best in hot, humid weather.   200+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

AMARANTH-RED LEAF  Same as above yet looks like a burgundy Coleus.  200+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

ARTICHOKE, IMPERIAL STAR  Organic (PVP) 85 days Produces chokes the first season, perennial zones 7-10.  6-8 buds per plant averaging 4 inches in size, grows 3-4 feet tall.  15 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 per pack

BEAN POLE, CHRISTMAS LIMA  (Large Speckled Calico) HEIRLOOM  Beautiful large flat white seeds with maroon spots and swirls. Has a rich flavor,and can be used as a shell lima or dry. Heavy yields, bears even during extreme heat. 75-100 days. 25 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BEAN POLE, LIMA, FLORIDA SPECKLED BUTTER BEAN Excellent tolerance for hot, humid weather. Cream colored bean with maroon speckles. Use fresh, frozen, or canned. 40 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

BEANS BUSH, FORDHOOK  LIMA   (T-Heirloom) 70 days Bush type, heavy producer, green seeded, dependable. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BEAN POLE, LlANA YARD LONG  (OP) Vigna unguiculata 80 days  Pods are 12-18 inches and thin, sweet, tender and stringless.  Requires warm weather and a trellis.  20 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

BEAN, SCARLET RUNNER Phaseolus coccineus Perennial if mulched over in winter in cold areas. The vine can grow 6 to 15 feet. The tender green pods are edible before they become filled with beans and fibrous, the seeds can be used fresh or as dried beans. Originally from South and Central America. The flowers are edible and attract Hummingbirds.  25 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

CHARD, LUCULLUS (50 days) Heirloom Introduced around 1914 Average height 20 inches.  Cooked separately; the midrib is compared to asparagus, the leaf is a spinach substitute .
Excellent for poultry, hog and cattle food. Tolerates hot weather. 50 seeds. 
Quantity > - $2.30

CHARD, PERPETUAL SPINACH  Biennial that seeds in the second year and so tolerates the heat of its first summer very well. Young leaves are eaten fresh, older leaves should be cooked. 50 seeds.  Quantity > - $2.30

CHICKPEA / GARBANZO BEAN is suitable for tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions.  It has a long growing season, 100 days. Valued for its high protein content, the seeds are eaten fresh as green vegetables, parched, fried, roasted, boiled. The dried seeds are ground and the flour can be used in soup and to make bread. Sprouted seeds are eaten as a vegetable Young plants and green pods are eaten like 
spinach. Used also as animal feed. 50 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

COLLARDS, GEORGIA SOUTHERN   (OP) 80 days Leafy and non-heading upright large blue-green leaves maturing at about 35 inches. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

COLLARDS, VATES   (OP) 80 days A favorite variety because of its small and shapely growing habit. Harvest young outer leaves as desired and allow plant to grow for an extended harvest. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

ESCAROLE, BATAVIAN   Organic (OP)  Less bitter than endives with large, broad, lettuce-like leaves. Heads average 10-12” and are tightly-packed for. Plant close together or cover centers for well blanched, tender hearts.  50 days 100+ seeds -Quantity > - $2.30 

JICAMA  Pachyrhizus erosus  (pronounced hee-cama)  Crisp, juicy, sweet tubers can be eaten raw, stir-fried, boiled or roasted. Often sliced thin and sprinkled with salt, chili pepper, and lemon juice. Remains crunchy even after cooking. A vine up to 20 feet long it needs 8-9 months to produce the edible roots.Caution: the seeds, leaves, outer skin and pods of jicama are poisonous containing Rotenone a natural pesticde! Must be peeled well as the ONLY edible part is the inside of the root.Jicama is also an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C - 44% of the daily value per serving -its fiber is infused with oligofructose inulin, which has zero calories and doesn't metabolize in the body. Inulin promotes bone health by enhancing absorption of calcium from other foods, promotes “good” bacteria growth in the gut that aids in immunity. 25 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

JOB'S TEARS Coix lacryma jobi  Ancient grain, grown as a perennial in frost-free areas; as an annual elsewhere. Sold in bead shops for making jewelry and in health food stores for use as a grain or substitute for barley. Also known as "Hatomugi" in Japan term. This grain is a nutritious food and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to support beautiful hair, skin and nails, digestion, hay fever, high cholesterol, cancer, warts, arthritis, obesity, and respiratory tract infections and a disease called toxoplasmosis caused by a parasite. Food scientists have found that Job's Tears are a rich source of phytochemicals, having actions of an anti-inflammatory, as well as a detoxifying agent.
In other parts of the world, Job's Tears is available as flakes or powder and often added to other grains and to bath products, candy, liquors, vinegar and tea. The seeds can be ground and made into bread or fermented and used to brew beer. Add to soups, stews, or casseroles or cook with rice or other grains and vegetables.  Like most cereal grains, Job's Tears is nutritious, containing essential amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Compared to medium grain brown rice, it has about the same amount of B-complex vitamins and food energy , higher amounts of calcium and iron, and double the amount of protein.  Includes free recipes!  30 seeds  -Quantity > - $2.30

OKRA , EMERALD VELVET  (OP) 55 days, 7-9 inch round, smooth pods, tender even at large size.  + 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

OKRA , CLEMSON SPINELESS Open pollinated. 50 seeds 60 days to harvest.  Introduced by Clemson University in 1939. Mature plants can reach 6 feet high.Quantity > - $2.30 

PEA, CALIFORNIA BLACKEYE  NO. 5  (OP) 55-60 days  A favorite Southern pea . Semi spreading to upright with pods 6 to 8 inches long, matures early with medium to large seeds.  Fair resistance to drought. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

PEANUT, VIRGINIA JUMBO  (Annual)  Zones 11-5 Full instructions included. 50 seeds average 1 1/2 ounces  OUT OF STOCK

PEANUT, TENNESSEE RED (SPANISH)  (Annual)  Zones 11-5 Full instructions included. 100 seeds average 1 1/2 ounces Quantity>-$2.30

PIGEON PEA Cajanus Cajun  -short lived perennial for approximately 5 years., can grow to 10 ft.  Will flower in as little as 3 months depending on weather. Harvest and use the peas fresh or let dry on the plant for dry storage peas. Use as a trellis for supporting other crops. Provides animal fodder and excellent mulch! 30 seeds  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

PEA, MANOA SUGAR Edible pod   68 days Resistant to powdery mildew.  50 seeds OUT OF STOCK

PEA, WANDO 68 days. Edible pod. Heat- and cold-resistant. Recommended especially for southern and coastal regions. Use fresh or frozen. Bears 3" pods packed with large, delicious peas.  Pick young or they become fibrous. +50 seeds- Quantity>-$2.30

PUMPKIN, SEMINOLE (C. moschata)  95 days A native plant of south Florida, it was cultivated by Florida Indians and early settlers. Tan skinned with deep orange flesh of good quality. Resistant to insects and disease. It makes an easy summer vegetable but can be planted almost any time except the dead of winter. A hardy plant that can tolerate both dry and wet conditions.  This large vine was trained to grow up trees where the fruits would hang from the branches.  10 seeds per pack  Quantity>-$2.30 

SPINACH, MALABAR  Organic. Open pollinated. Grows through the heat of summer unlike regular spinach. Delicious cooked or in salads. Red stems are attractive and delicious. Can be trained onto trellis or fence, is highly productive and easy to grow.  +40 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 

SPINACH, NEW ZEALAND  (OP) Tetragonia tetragonioides  50 days Leaves have a taste like spinach, used fresh or cooked.  Harvest continually throughout season.  1 to 2 foot tall, spreading growth.  Frost sensitive.  50 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30

TOMATO, EVERGLADES CHERRY  Tough plant with lots of delicious small fruit. 15 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

TOMATO, FLORADADE Heirloom  Determinate 74 days  Well adapted to southern humid areas with the ability to withstand 90-100F temperatures and still produce heavy crops. Average 7 oz fruits, deep red and round. Bred by the University of Florida and was released 1976. It has SVF 1 & 2 disease tolerance. 25 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

TOMATO, MORTGAGE LIFTER  HEIRLOOM  Huge beefsteak Heirloom developed by Radiator Charlie in the 1930’s. Indeterminate with 2-4 pound fruits!   Heat Resistant!     80 days. 15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

MUSTARD, TENDERGREEN  (OP) 42 days Mustard spinach flavored greens, grows quickly, well suited for the South.  1/2 teaspoon average +200 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30

From the University of Hawaii where they are grown year round,  resistant to nematode and fungus damage. All are open pollinated.

BEAN, POLE, MANOA WONDER requires a trellis. Green bean. 30 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

CAULIFLOWER, PUAKEA  50 seeds  Slightly smaller heads about 3-4 inches across. Quantity>-$2.30

CORN, HAWAIIAN SUPERSWEET #9 YELLOW  30 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

CORN, HAWAIIAN SUPERSWEET #9 SILVER  30 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

EGGPLANT, WAIMANALO LONG  25 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

ONION, AWAHIA is a short day pungent variety with red skin and good storage life. Matures in 150-160 days. 100 seeds Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPER, SWEET BELL, KAALA  1/3 size of regular bell, harvest green to red 20 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPER, HAWAIIAN CHILI  Medium sized plant, hot, chili,.  20 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

GREEN ONION, KOBA  200 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

TOMATO, ANAHU  Determinate regular size fruit  25 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

TOMATO, KEWALO Determinate Salad slicing size, round fruits  25 seeds Quantity>-$2.30

TOMATO, GRAPE, KOMOHANA  Determinate bush type  25 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

PAPALOQUELITE / PAPALO  Annual. Cilantro substitute.  Place a fresh sprig in a jar of water on the table and let everyone serve as much as they want. Height 4-6 feet.  30 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30 


Specially selected or developed to grow in pots, hanging baskets, window boxes "square foot gardens" or path edgings.  Use where ever space is limited, in your vegetable garden too! You can create your own "EDIBLE LANDSCAPE" plan.  Always use a premium, well-draining soil and check for water often as containers will dry out quickly in the sun.  Use where ever space is limited, in your vegetable garden too! You can create your own "EDIBLE LANDSCAPE" plan.  Always use a premium, well-draining soil and check for water often as containers will dry out quickly in the sun.

BEET, FORONO Open pollinated.  A sweet variety with a 5" long cylindrical shape 2" wide. Deep purple with a smooth texture. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CARROTS, FINGER  Open pollinated.  Slender pencil type, high sugar content. 54 days. 1 teaspoon average 1500 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ONIONS, WHITE SPEAR  Open pollinated.  Scallion or bunching type. Long harvest time and hardy. 65 days.100 seeds Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPER, THAI HOT  Open pollinated.  Astounding numbers of 1" long fruits on an attractive spreading 18" plant. The best hot pepper for hanging baskets. Fruits mature to a blazing red. Beautiful and edible.14 weeks to maturity.  25 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, RED CHERRY SWEET  Heirloom 75 Days .Bushy ever-bearing 20 inch plant. Peppers are cherry-shaped 1 x 1.5 in., dark green to deep crimson.  A good size for treats, great for pickling, canning, and stuffing. 30 seeds  -Quantity>-$2.30

SWISS CHARD, BRIGHT LIGHTS  Open pollinated.  Multicolored stems make this a beautiful addition to any garden. Can be trimmed as baby for salad mix or grown on for bunching. Nutritious and deliciously mild flavored. 28-55 days. Up to 20" tall. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

STRAWBERRY, FRESCA Open pollinated. Everbearing, compact and bushy plants bear 1 inch deep red berries until first frost. Hardy to USDA Zone 5. 75 days to maturity. 20 seeds -Quantity>-$2.30

STRAWBERRIES, ALEXANDRIA  Open pollinated.  Alpine variety that produces few runners staying compact in size. Berries are smaller than regular but larger than wild types. Perennials, will produce berries either the first Fall or Spring then annually there after. 100 seeds- Quantity>-$2.30

TOMATO, SPRITE GRAPE  Compact plants of determinate habit. Large numbers of red oval fruits of great flavor, quality and productivity.  25 seeds  OUT OF STOCK

TOMATO, TINY TIM CHERRY Large red cherry type growing on dwarf plants about 8 inches high. Perfect for small spaces and 12 inch pots. 45 days from transplant. 25 seeds Quantity>-$2.30

VITAMIN GREENS Brassica rapa narinosa Open pollinated. Easy to grow, both cold and heat tolerant. Upright leaves are tender and flavorful, stem is similar to celery. Use for steaming, stir-fry and salads. Clip leaves when small, they will regrow continually for a long harvest. 45 days. 100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PURSLANE Portulaca oleracea Heirloom 45 days. Direct seed in the garden in spring. Plant at about 1/2" deep, final spacing is about 12" apart. If allowed to fully mature in the garden, they will self seed. Harvest leaves continually. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30




ARUGULA (Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa) Open pollinated.  Add a bite to your salads! Can be used at baby or full size. 40 days.1 tsp average 500 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ASPARAGUS, MARY WASHINGTON   (OP)  A perennial vegetable that can live for more than 15 years.  First harvest after one year.  100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

BEAN, RED KIDNEY Heirloom  95 days. .50 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

BEAN, GOLDEN WAX Bush plants, stringless, golden-yellow pods with buttery flavor. Early and dependable. 45-60 days. 75 seeds per pack. Quantity > - $2.30 

BEANS, KENTUCKY WONDER BUSH  (Heirloom) 70 days Green bean, heavy producer, 9 inch pods, dependable, 55 days. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BEANS, KENTUCKY WONDER POLE  (Heirloom) 70 days Green bean, heavy producer, 9 inch pods, dependable, 55 days. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BEAN, MAXIBEL HARICOT VERT Bush type, stringless green bean- terrific French/filet bean Delicate and tender. Heavy producer, 6-8” beans. Pick frequently for optimum yields. Speckled brown seeds. (Phaseaolus vulgaris) 51-65 DAYS  50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BEAN, NAVY Phaseolus vulgaris Harvest as snap beans when pod is soft, shell beans (when beans are mature but still soft and pod is tough, or dry beans when the pod is brown and dry and the beans rattle inside. Dried beans can be used to make sprouts. 150 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

BEET, CHIOGGIA  Italian Heirloom also known as Bulls Eye. White flesh with pink rings, harvest from young 1” through maturity at 2-4 inches. 100 seeds.  Quantity > - $2.30 
BEET, RED BULLS  Heirloom Dark ruby red leaf for salad, Dark red flesh . 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BROCCOLI, CALABRESE  Italian heirloom from the 1800s. The central heads mature at different times for a staggered harvest. Produces dozens of delicious side shoots all season until hard frost.   80 days. 100 seeds  Quantity >- $2.30

BROCCOLI, DE CICCO  Italian Heirloom multi producing side shoots after cutting the main head. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BROCCOLI-RAAB / RAPINI The flowers, stems, leave and buds are all edible. Not broccoli but a member of the turnip family. Slightly bitter and highly nutritious. 100+ seeds  Quantity >- $2.30

BRUSSELS SPROUT, LONG ISLAND IMPROVED  Heirloom  95 days.  2’ tall plant with dark green, tight 1 1/2” heads. Lots of firm sprouts are produced over an extended season. Good for freezing. Direct seed in the garden 3-4 months before the first frost in the fall.  50 seeds Quantity >- $2.30

CABBAGE, COPENHAGEN MARKET   Heirloom. 80 days — Early maturing roundhead type, six to eight inches in diameter and average three to four pounds in weight. Keeps well. Adaptable to a range of climates. Resists splitting and stores well. 100+ seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

CANOLA / COLZA / RAPE SEED ‘Dwarf Essex ’ Heirloom 20 days for greens. 40-60 days for seeds. Extremely cold tolerant, vigorous and will grow in almost any kind of soil. 4-5' tall if allowed to mature. Use the leaves in salads or cook like mustard greens. Eat unopened flower buds like broccoli. Use the seeds for oil. Makes an excellent cover crop. Can be grown in trays of soil indoors or as a sprout. 500+ seeds Quantity >- $2.30 (for more info visit http://www.wholefoods.com/healthinfo/canola.html)

CAULIFLOWER, EARLY SNOWBALL   50 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

CARROT , RED CORED CHANTENAY  Heirloom  500 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

CARROT, SCARLET NANTES    Heirloom  1/2 teaspoon approx  500 seeds  6 inch, deep orange, ready in 65 days.  Quantity > - $2.30

CELERY , GOLDEN SELF BLANCHING (Heirloom) 80-100 days.  A late celery with pale yellow-green stalks that are long and stringless.  The inner stems will blanch a waxy white and have a delicate flavor.  Disease resistant. 150+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

CHICORY, COFFEE  Chichorium intybus. Open pollinated.  An easy to grow coffee substitute costing pennies per pound. The large roots are roasted and ground to make a delicious caffeine free drink. Cultivate in deep, loose soil for best root development. 20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CHINESE CABBAGE MICHIHILI   (Heirloom) 75 days Mild flavor, good in salads and stir fries. 18-20 inch head slightly tapered with a  firm, crisp interior.  50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

CORN, BLACK AZTEC  Organic. The same corn raised by the Aztec Indians over 2,000 years ago. A fast grower and heavy producer. Kernels turn dark blue-black when mature. Good for fresh corn at the white stage, for making corn meal, or decoration. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CORN , HICKORY KING Open pollinated. 115 days. (treated) Height 7 to 9 feet. Ear length 7 to 8 inches with 10 to 12 rows of large white kernels (the largest of any white variety) Small cob. Roasting ear variety. Also works well for grits, meal and tortilla flour. 200 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

CORN, GOLDEN BANTAM  Open pollinated. Heirloom. Sweet, yellow,8" ears, early planter, will sprout in cooler soil. 80 days 150 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30

CORN, MINI ORNAMENTAL INDIAN  Open pollinated. If you enjoy fall decorations, raise a few stalks of this corn. Tiny ears averaging 3-4 inches in length with shades of yellow, red, purple, mahogany, and orange kernels. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CORN, MINIATURE YELLOW SWEET   Open pollinated 3-4 ears per stalk, ear grows to half the size of regular corn at maturity, kernels are miniature too!  75 seeds OUT OF STOCK

CORN, REIDS YELLOW DENT  (OP) 110 days 8 1/2 foot plants with ear length of 9 to 10 inches.  Great for roasting or making hominy and grits.  Grows well in all parts of the US.  150 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

CORN, STOWELL'S EVERGREEN WHITE Heirloom One of the oldest white sweet corns tracing back to American Indian stock. It was developed by Nathan Stowell of New Jersey in 1848. Ears are 8 to 9 in., with deep, wide kernels in 16 to 18 rows. Remains in the milk stage a long time giving it the name 'evergreen'. Stalks reach 8 feet. 98 days  50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CORN, TRUCKER'S FAVORITE  Open pollinated. White, 115 days. (treated) Roasting corn, widely adapted in the south. Plant Height 8 to 9', ear length 8 to 10 inches. 200 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

POPCORN, JAPANESE HULLESS WHITE  (OP) 85 days  6 foot plants with 2-3 ears each, white kernels pop up very tender with no hard centers. 150 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

POPCORN, STRAWBERRY  Open pollinated.  Small round shaped cobs, deep crimson color. Pop or use for decoration. 100 days. Quantity > - $2.30

CUCUMBER, ARMENIAN YARD LONG   (OP) 70 days  2-3 ft. fruits, crisp, mild flavor, grow on fence or trellis for straight fruits, will curl into shapes if grown on ground.  +25 seeds  - Quantity > - 2.30 

CUCUMBER, BURPLESS  Open pollinated.  Grows well out in the garden or will also set fruit indoors. Disease resistant. Early fruit set at 50 days. 15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

CUCUMBER, FANCY PICKLING  (Heirloom) "Homemade Pickles" Although they can be pickled at any stage, they are fantastic when pickled finger size as "gherkins. " Also very good for salads and snacks raw.  50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

EGGPLANT, LITTLE FINGER  60 days. Oriental-style that can be harvested quite young but will retain its tender, delicate flavor when older. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 
EGGPLANT, ROSA BIANCA  Italian Heirloom 75 days. Produces good yields of lavender & cream colored fruits. Very delicious, creamy, not bitter. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

ENDIVE, CURLY  (Heirloom)  Cichorium endivia  1/4 tsp -Quantity>-$2.30

FINOCCHIO/FENNEL Open pollinated.  Foeniculum vulgare 2' tall plant with dill-like foliage. The base of the leaf stalk provides a succulent above ground bulb with a delicious anise flavor. Bolt resistant, matures in 80 days.100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

GOURD, LUFFA (WASHRAG GOURD) Open pollinated.  The dried cores do make good sponges. Plant early for a Fall harvest. 12 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

GOURD, GIANT WATER LADLE  Open pollinated.  Larger and faster growing than most gourds of this type. Harvest mature fruit, let shell dry, then coat with varnish and you have a great water ladle or decoration. 125 days to mature so plant early. Large 10-12' fruits. 20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

GOURD, TINY BOTTLE  Open pollinated.  Miniature version of the water ladle above. Plant early as this also requires 125 days to mature. 20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

KALE, DINOSAUR / LACINATO (Brassica oleracea) Italian heirloom. Dark green and bumpy large leaves are 3" wide by 10-18" long. Excellent flavor is enhanced by frost. Best eaten when leaves are small and tender. Average 100 seeds per package.  Quantity>-$2.30

KALE, RED RUSSIAN   Heirloom  50 days. Also called Ragged Jack, will add beautiful color to your fall garden,  leaf veins and stems turn red in cold weather.  Can also be grown as a spring crop. Add to soups when mature, use in salad  when young and tender. Hardier than cabbage and excellent for winter or early spring greens. The flavor is improved by frost. Plant  middle April to June and enjoy  greens all winter and into the next spring. 500 seeds Quantity>-$2.30 
KALE, VATES  Heirloom . Slow bolting plants with finely curled blue-green leaves. Does not yellow from frost or heat. Hardier than cabbage and excellent for winter or early spring greens. The flavor is improved by frost. Plant  middle April to June and enjoy  greens all winter and into the next spring. 500 seeds Quantity>-$2.30 

LEEK, AMERICAN FLAG  (Heirloom) 130 days.  Very vigorous, productive and hardy with large stalks and a fine mild flavor.  100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

LETTUCE MIX (Anuenue, Winter Density, Red Salad , Buttercrunch, Romaine) 1 tsp -Quantity>-$2.30

LETTUCE, RED SALAD BOWL  Open pollinated. Burgundy red delicate leafed variety. Stays non-bitter for a long time. good heat toerance. Perfect for early harvest at baby size. 28-51 days. 1/2 tsp -Quantity>-$2.30

LETTUCE, ANUENUE  (AH-NEW-EE-NEW-EE) Open pollinated. Compact and sweet resembling a small iceberg type when mature. 50 days.1/2 tsp -Quantity>-$2.30

LETTUCE, BUTTERCRUNCH  Compact bib type butterhead is productive, heat tolerant and slow to bolt. Harvest 28 days baby / 46 days full. 1/2 teaspoon averages 300 seeds -Quantity>-$2.30

LETTUCE, PARRIS ISLAND COS (ROMAINE) Heirloom 1/2 tsp Quantity>-$2.30

LETTUCE, FOUR SEASONS  French Heirloom Red butterhead has incredible taste and reddish leaves that cradle a creamy heart. Fast-maturing, all-season. 1/2 tsp Quantity > - $2.30

LETTUCE, WINTER DENSITY  Open pollinated.  Like a combo of bibb and romaine types with dense, closely packed leaves. Mature at 8" or cut as baby. 28 days to 54 days mature. 1/2 tsp .-Quantity>-$2.30 

MELON,  IROQUOIS CANTALOUPE   90 days Fine quality round to oval melon, orange flesh with narrow green line between rind.  Fusarium Wilt resistant.  30 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

MELON, YELLOW CANARY 100 days Honeydew with a bright yellow rind and pale green flesh. Excellent flavor, weighing in at 4 to 6 lbs. 30 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

MUSTARD , TATSOI  45 Days Asian greens for fresh use or stir fry, mild flavor, small leaves. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

MUSTARD, FLORIDA BROAD LEAF Young, flavorful leaves can be used fresh in salads and sandwiches, older leaves should be cooked. High in nutrients! Slow to bolt. 
Days to Maturity: 45 days Height: 10-12 inches  500+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

MUSTARD, DRAGON TONGUE Brassica juncea Open pollinated. Frilly, crinkled leaves are vibrant green with purple veins and thick white midribs. It has the perfect balance of sweet 
and spicy. Slow to bolt. Matures in 45 days or baby leaf 21 days. Average 200 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

NASTURTIUM MIX Tropaeolum majus With a sweet, peppery taste the leaves and flowers are used in salads, butters, soups, cake decorations and garnishes. The Indians of Peru used the leaves in tea to treat coughs, colds and the flu, menstrual and respiratory difficulties. Used topically as a poultice for minor cuts and scratches. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

ONION, EVERGREEN BUNCHING   (OP)  Scallion or bunching type.  Long harvest time and hardy.  65 days  1/2 tsp averages 500 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ONION, WETHERSFIELD RED  Heirloom 100 days/Long Day  Developed in Wethersfield CT. Large flattened globe with deep purple-red skin, white flesh with red rings and a pleasant strong flavor. Vigorous, productive, adaptable. 200 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

ONION, TEXAS EARLY GRANO  Heirloom 110 days/Short Day   Perfect for warmer southern and western climates. This has a mild and pleasing taste, similar to Vidalia's. Average weight is 1 pound. Released by the Texas Agricultural Experimental Station in 1944. Tolerant to pink root rot. 100 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

PAK-CHOI (BOK CHOY) (Brassica rapa chinensis) Open pollinated. Easy, bolt resistant. Use fresh or stir fry. 50 days at a height of 16-20". 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PEA, DWARF GREY SUGAR  Open pollinated.  Small snow pods about 2 1/2" long. Vines are 28" All parts are edible. Harvest greens at 32 days, blossoms at 39 days or peas at 57 days. Flowers are red with red tinted foliage.200 seeds- Quantity>-$2.30 (On Backorder)

PEPPER, BALLOON  Heirloom  2-inch fruits that resemble winged bells. The flesh is flavorful, crunchy, and sweet, with hot center and seeds. Does well in containers or in the garden. Harvest is 83 days from seed. 15 seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPER, BIG JIM NEW MEXICO  HEIRLOOM Introduced in 1975 by the New Mexico State University. Produces high yields of bright green, mildly hot fruits that mature to red. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its 12 inch long pods.  30 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, CALIFORNIA WONDER  Sweet bell, harvest green to red. 70-80 days   25 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, GOLDEN CALIFORNIA WONDER  Sweet bell  70-80 days   25 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, CAYENNE LONG  C. Anum.  This one has good disease resistance and is an early producer of 4-5" large fruits.  Looks very pretty in the garden. 70 days. 25 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPER, JALAPENO  25 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, PIMIENTO L 78-80 days, Large, heart shaped , thick-walled, dark green to red fruits.  Strong, upright plants with good foliage cover.  Mosaic tolerant.  +25  seeds - Quantity > - $2.30 

PEPPER, RED MARCONI   Heirloom 80 days 12" fruits maturing from green to red, sweet Italian used for cooking or eaten fresh.  30 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PEPPER, GOLDEN MARCONI   Heirloom As above but with yellow fruit  30 seeds OUT OF STOCK

PERUVIAN GROUND CHERRY  Physalis peruviana (OP) CAPE GOOSEBERRY.  The fruit are yellow-orange and enclosed in a papery husk and drop off when ripe, can be stored for several months. They are eaten raw, dried, preserved and stewed.  Used in salads, pies, sauces, jams and  may be dipped into chocolate.  Cultivate like tomatoes.  Drought but produce better when watered.  Do not over-fertilize.  50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PUMPKIN, KAKAI HULLESS Organic (OP)  Orange and green striped markings and large raised ribs. Most valued for hull-less seeds for snacking. Highly nutritious and yields a valuable oil that is used to promote prostrate health in men. Medium sized fruits average 5-8 lbs. Semi-bush habit yielding 2-3 fruits per plant. Widely adapted, yields well even in poor conditions. 100 days  25 seeds-OUT OF STOCK

PUMPKIN, BRIGHT RED FRENCH  Heirloom  A brilliant bright red pumpkin that is shaped flat and resembles a bright red cheese wheel. The 12-16 lb. fruits produce a sweet orange flesh that is great for pumpkin pies.  25 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

RADISH, BLACK SPANISH Excellent for storage, gets better with age. Large root, use fresh grated or cooked. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

RADISH, CHINA ROSE  Heirloom 27-55 days.  This radish has been grown and enjoyed for more than 300 years. Shaped like a blocky carrot with pink skin and white flesh with a pleasant tangy flavor, can be eaten fresh or stored for winter use.  100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

RADISH, CHERRY BELLE  200 seeds 20-30 days. 1-2 inch round, brilliant red radish with crisp, white flesh. Tolerant of poor soils, retains tenderness. May be sequentially planted and harvested all summer long. Quantity > - $2.30
RADISH, MIYASHIGE WHITE  Large Daikon type, Japanese heirloom. Crisp!  Use in Asian dishes, winter salads, stir-fry. 100 seeds Quantity > - $2.30  

RED ORACH  Atriplex hortensis rubra  Heirloom Also known as Mountain or French spinach.  Mild, salty spinach like flavor, grows 2 to 4 feet tall or harvest for baby greens.  Does not get bitter after bolting. Us fresh or cooked. Was used in ancient times for indigestion and sore throat. Tolerates drought, wind and salt.  1/2 teaspoon approximately 200 seeds -Quantity >- $2.30

RHUBARB, VICTORIA  Heirloom One of the few varieties that comes true from seed. It has 2 1/2-3’ long stalks and is very productive and reliably hardy. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ROSE OF SHARON Open pollinated. Hypericum. An evergreen that forms a weed smothering mat.  Living mulch or ground cover. +20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 

SALSIFY-MAMMOTH SANDWICH ISLAND (Heirloom) 120 days Yep, this is what Lewis and Clark ate on their trek across the country! 8 inch root is peeled and sliced then boiled.  May also be left in ground over winter to eat in spring.  30 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

SCORZONERA Scorzonera hispanica 6 months Rare root vegetable, easy to grow as carrots. 8-10" long, white with black skin.  Roots, young leaves, flower buds and flower petals are all edible. Plant in mid  spring and harvest in fall or the next spring.  It can also be started in the fall and harvested the following year.  Peel the roots after cooking when the skin will easily off.  Add to soups, stews and potatoes.  100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

SQUASH, CROOKNECK EARLY SUMMER   (OP)  Prolific bush type, light yellow, slightly bumpy. 42 days  + 25 seeds - Quantity > - $2.30

SQUASH, TABLE QUEEN  Heirloom 85 days. The original acorn squash and still the most popular. The 6-8’ trailing vines grow well in poor soil. Fruit weighs 2 lbs, is dark green with sweet, thick orange flesh, keeps well, skin turns orange in storage. 30 seeds -Quantity>-$2.30

SOYBEANS, FRESH EATING Glycine max Open pollinated. 2' Tall plants that bear early crops of bright green beans for shelling or drying. Protein averages 16% for fresh and 40% for dry beans. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

SPINACH, AMERICA  Heirloom Thick, deep-green, savoy-leafed plant grows to a foot wide. Medium-to-slow bolting. Can be sown in spring or fall and can over winter with mulch. Direct seed in spring for an early crop, and in August for harvest in the late fall. 100+ seeds -OUT OF STOCK

SPINACH, BLOOMSDALE LONG STANDING Heirloom introduced by D. Landreth Seed Company in 1826. Vigorous plants with dark green,  savoyed leaves. Excellent flavor, fast growing variety with heavy yields. Well adapted for late spring or summer plantings, slow to bolt. 40-60 days.  200 seeds -Quantity>-$2.30

SUGAR BEET is a biennial root crop. Open Pollinated 110 days. Heavy yielding and widely adapted. The long, thick, white fleshed beets weigh 2-3 lbs. each. Shredded sugar beets are said to bring out the true flavor of other vegetables. You can also use them for canning, making molasses or wine. Beets may be sown as early as the ground can be worked and may be planted in succession until the first week in August. They grow well in all but the most acid soils and provide tasty greens as well as the delicious beets. Sow in rows 14” apart, 1” deep and thin plants to 3” apart in the row. Use the thinned plants for greens. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30  

SUNFLOWER, EDIBLE   Grow your own snacks, large, striped seeds. 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

TOMATO, BLACK KRIM Heirloom ( Black Crimea) Found in Krim, Russia in 1990 by Lars Olov Rosenstrom of Bromma, Sweden. Beefsteak fruits are a unique combination of  violet-brown and purple-red—they turn almost black with sufficient sunlight and heat. Excellent full flavor. Indeterminate, growing to 4- to 7-foot vines 70-90 days from transplant. 30 Seeds  Quantity > - $2.30 

TOMATO, GRAPE  Delightful and delicious, fruits grow in clusters. Prolific producer , extremely disease and fungus resistant.  25 seeds  OUT OF STOCK

TOMATO, HOMESTEAD 24  (OP) 80 days Red, firm, meaty, medium large, hot weather and wilt tolerant, determinate. + 25 seeds - Quantity > - $2.30 

TOMATO, MARGLOBE   Heirloom from Marvel and Globe in New Jersey in 1917. Determinate with 8 oz. fruits. 73 days. 25 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 

TOMATO, PONDEROSA PINK  (OP) 80 days Low acid, large flattened pink fruit, mild flavor, spreading indeterminate growth. + 25 seeds- Quantity > - $2.30

TOMATO, ROMA PASTE   Heirloom  76 days Pear shaped, meaty fruits with few seeds, average 2 oz, determinate growth.  Resistant to Stem Canker, Fusarium and Verticillium wilts.  30 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

TOMATO, SILVERY FIR TREE  Russian heirloom Very unusual dwarf plant has delicate, silvery, lacy leaves. Adds ornamental interest to your garden and bears flavorful 4 to 6 oz. red tomatoes that mature early. Determinate. 58 days. 25 seeds - Quantity > - $2.30

TOMATO, YELLOW PEAR  (OP) 78 days Large open vines produce clear yellow fruit, mild flavor, indeterminate.  + 25 seeds- Quantity > - $2.30

TURNIP, PURPLE TOP WHITE GLOBE  Heirloom  Mild flavored, sweet, fine grained, stores well over the winter.  Can grow to 6” in diameter, best at 3-4”. Tops grow to 2’ tall and make good greens. This variety is over 100 years old. 150+ seeds  Quantity>-$2.30

TURNIP, SEVEN TOP   Heirloom  45 days.  a fast growing variety used for greens, as the roots are not edible.  The dark green leaf tops can grow up to 2’ tall.  Over winter for spring greens. 100+ seeds  -Quantity>-$2.30

WATERCRESS Requires special water cultivation, instructions included. 500 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

WATERMELON, SUGAR BABY Round, 12 lb., 8 in. across.  75 days  15 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

ZUCCHINI, BLACK BEAUTY Heirloom 52 days.  Early, productive, bushy plant with an open habit.  Dark green and 6-8” long fruits turn almost black at maturity and are usable at most every stage, flesh is delicious, creamy white, tender and firm..  30 seeds Quantity > - $2.30



"It is such a pleasure to work with your seeds, they respond so well to my efforts."

 Mr. James, Ocala, FL


CHINENSE:  Meaning from China
FRUTESCENS:  Meaning bushy or shrub-like
ANNUM:  Meaning annual
BACCATUM:  Meaning berry-like
PUBESCENS:  Meaning hairy
ABOUT THE HEAT:  The hottest part is the membrane inside to which the seeds are attached. Some of the heat can be removed by cooking, sautéing is the best method for mellowing. PLEASE always be careful when handling these varieties, use gloves or wash thoroughly as any contact with ANY body parts can put your life on hold temporarily.
Peppers get hotter when grown under stress. Once your seedlings are established, its OK to neglect them a bit. They will get back at you for it.  Plants may be grown in pots and cut back and brought inside to over-winter in a warm sunny room, or artificial light can be used.  Seeds germinate best when media is kept at a temperature of  90-100 degrees F.

PURIRA CHILI  Capsicum frutescens 
ORGANICALLY GROWN  This one will make grown men cry, shudder and fall to their knees.  We have seen it happen many times, well actually, every time.  Pretty, small leafed plant, grows to 3' with 2" fruits which grow in an upright manner.  Starting from a light yellow, the fruit then develops streaks of purple, turns orange and finally a fiery red. 72 days. 30 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 

RED HABANERO. C. chinense ORGANICALLY GROWN    Hottest Habanero yet.  Incredibly Hot. 15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PETER PEPPERS  NATURALLY GROWN  Open pollinated. A red hot pepper 2-3 inches long, also a conversation piece. 25 seeds OUT OF STOCK

 NUMEX TWILIGHT  Fiery little peppers on an attractive 3' plant  Brilliant purple flowers set fruit that turns from purple to orange to red. Can be used at any color stage. 75 days. 20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 

JALORO PEPPER   Open pollinated. Hot Jalapeno type, use bright yellow to red. High in ascorbic acid and flavonoids. 75days 25 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

YELLOW SCOTCH BONNET Habanero family, popular for use in Jerk recipes, originating in the Caribbean. 20 seeds Quantity >- $2.30


The data listed with these seeds is for general information only and does not reflect any recommendations on the part of this business. Before using any medicinal plant, we strongly recommend you first consult a physician. We shall in no way be held responsible for the actions of anyone using our seeds or the plants grown from them. Our sole responsibility/liability will be to replace seeds that do not germinate.The data listed with these seeds is for general information only and does not reflect any recommendations on the part of this business. Before using any medicinal plant, we strongly recommend you first consult a physician. We shall in no way be held responsible for the actions of anyone using our seeds or the plants grown from them. Our sole responsibility/liability will be to replace seeds that do not germinate.


Terms: (P)=Perennial,( A)=Annual, (B)=Biennial

Scarify: Special treatment of seed to prepare for germination. Either scratching, or nicking the outer coating of the seed may be required.

Stratify: Special treatment of seed to prepare it for germination. This consists of cleaning and drying and subjecting them to low temperatures and possibly moisture for a specified period of time.

Infusion: Tea. Boiling water poured over the plant or parts of the plant (generally leaves) to extract its properties / essential oils. Usually one cup of water per teaspoon of herb is used.

Decoction: Tea A preparation made by boiling the plant or parts of the plant in water for a specified period of time and then straining, usually one cup of water per teaspoon of dried or three teaspoons of fresh herb (generally woody parts and seeds). Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Honey or an aromatic herb is usually added to improve the taste. Also used for compresses.

Aromatic. This refers to herbs that have a pleasant smell or taste. They are often used for potpourri or for adding to other herbs to improve the taste of tea. One part aromatic to three parts medicinal is usually sufficient.

Demulcent: A substance that soothes and protects.

Tincture: Stronger than a tea it is made by soaking an herb in alcohol until the essential oils of the plant are absorbed. Usually vodka is used at the rate of 5 ounces to 1 ounce of herb, soak for 2 weeks in an airtight container agitating every day, then strain and store for up to 6 years. Use 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of juice or water. Vinegar may be used but does not draw out the essential oils as well.

Compress: A cloth soaked in herbal waters or prepared leaves, applied to painful areas.

DROPPER BOTTLES  Thinking of making your own tinctures or extracts? 1 ounce brown glass Boston round with glass dropper $1.30 each. Quantity >  

AMBROSIA  Chenopodium botrys (A)  Easy to grow.  The leaves are used to make a tea and are added to Mexican bean dishes and sauces.  The sprays of  chartreuse flowers that can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements.  The fragrant leaves and flowers are  moth repelling. Grows in any soil, drought tolerant and self seeding.  100 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

ANGELICA. Angelica archangelica. (B) All of its parts are useful, has a taste like licorice. Use fresh or dried in teas, as flavoring and candied. It is a tonic against infection, improves energy, stimulates circulation, is antibacterial and antifungal. Relaxing digestive aid. Keep seeds refrigerated until planting. Flowers in its second year. To Zone 3. + 50 seeds -Quantity> $2.30

ANISE HYSSOP Agastache foeniculum Organic. Perennial. Used by Native Americans for respiratory problems. Tea is energizing and refreshing, use fresh or dried leaves. Easy to grow. Zones 6-9. 100 seeds
Quantity > -$2.30

ARNICA Arnica chamissonis. Perennial.  Used externally for all types of injuries, first-aid plant. Use in liniments and creams. Can be toxic if used internally. Zones 3-6. 50 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30

ASHWAGANDA Withania somnifera   It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-anxiety, calmative and aphrodisiac. A unique tonic herb that it is easy to cultivate and ready to harvest after only one year. Should be considered as the premiere herb for all negative conditions associated with aging and low sexual libido. The root is the most valued part used as a powder, decoction, medicated wine, mixed with butter, honey or sugar syrup, in oil, or alcoholic extract. Large doses can cause gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea and vomiting and it should not be combined with barbiturates. The bitter leaves are used to treat alcoholism and to relax the spasms of the lungs for the treatment of asthma and emphysema. They can also be made into a poultice and topically applied for boils and carbuncles. Internally they are anthelmintic (for worms). 20 seeds. -Quantity > - $2.30 

BASIL, AROMATO  Dramatic bicolor with purple and green leaves with a pleasing anise-like flavor and scent. 50 seeds OUT OF STOCK
BASIL, SWEET. Ocimum basilicum. (A) Classic Italian Heirloom Not just for cooking anymore! A cup of basil tea aids digestion, relieves gas, stomach cramps, nervousness and anxiety. This is a compact variety. Pinch back flowers to promote growth of new leaves. Use fresh or dried. 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

BASIL, DWARF. Ocimum basilicum. (A) This is a compact variety. Pinch back flowers to promote growth of new leaves. Use fresh or dried. 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

BASIL, HOLY Ocimum sanctum  Rare basil with a spicy scent of clove, lemon, and cinnamon. Medicinal: Leaves are used fresh or dried to make tea to lower fevers related to colds and flu, as an antibiotic for skin infections and as an insect repellent. Stimulates the immune system and provides many health benefits. 50+ seeds Quantity>$2.30

BASIL, LETTUCE LEAF  Heirloom, large mild tasting leaves.   50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

BASIL, LIME  More citrusy than Lemon Basil! 50 seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

BASIL, THAI small leaves, purple stems and a subtle licorice or mint flavor.50 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

BEARBERRY / UVA-URSI Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi. Low growing evergreen shrub, summer flowering. The dried leaves are used in infusion which has a soothing and astringent effect and marked diuretic action in diseases / infections of the bladder and kidneys, strengthening the urinary passages and exercises an antiseptic effect on the urinary mucous membrane. Zones 2-8 + 10 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30 per packet  

BEE BALM. Monarda didyma. (P) Attractant for bees and butterflies. "Oswego Tea" is used as antiseptic and antibiotic, used for menstrual cramps, sore throats and nausea. Contains thymol related compounds. Has edible flowers. Zones 4-9 + 50 seeds -OUT OF STOCK you can substitute Wild Bergamot

BLACK CUMIN (Nigella sativa)  Self seeding annual.  The seeds are used to treat upper respiratory conditions, allergies, coughs, colds, bronchitis, fevers, flu, asthma and emphysema ailments, calluses, cancer, colic, corns, headache, jaundice, skin, snakebite, stomachache, swellings.  Collect the seeds when ripe and black and grind them to a paste, mix with honey, butter or oil.  Also used in cooking as a spice like pepper. NOT for use during pregnancy.  25 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

BLOOD FLOWER (MILKWEED). Asclepias currassavica. (P) The stem produces a milky substance that when used as a poultice is said to be effective in removing warts. Makes an excellent cut flower, harvest before seed pods burst. Zones 4-9. + 10 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

BLESSED THISTLE Cnicus benedictus. (A) Red-edged leaves, red stems. Used since the Middle Ages as a general tonic, to aid digestion, increase breast milk. + 25 seeds -Quantity >- $2.30

BONESET Eupatorium perfoliatum Perennial.  Used to lower fevers, relieve bronchial congestion and stimulate the immune system. Zones 3-8. 100 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

BLACK COHOSH Cimicifuga (Actaea) racemosa Perennial.  Used for aches and pains, relieve coughing, fevers, uterine stimulant. North American woodland plant. Needs cold stratification. Zones 3-7. 25 seeds
LIMIT ONE  Quantity >- $2.30

BORAGE Borago officinalis. (A) The tiny blue and pink flowers are used in salads and for garnishes and are very attractive to bees. The seeds are a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid. Tea from the flowers is used to alleviate depression, diarrhea, fevers and bronchitis. Leaves are used as an external poultice for swelling and inflammation. CAUTION: Leaves are for EXTERNAL use only. Easy to grow. All zones.
+ 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

BURDOCK Arctium lappa. Used as a vegetable, the roots are cooked or ground for a tea or poultice. Inhibits bacterial and fungal growth. All zones. 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CARAWAY (Carum carvi) (B) Has a calming effect on flatulence and colic, especially in children. Will stimulate the appetite and help in treating diarrhea. Can be used in a gargle to help with bronchitis and asthma. Is antispasmodic and helps relieve menstrual cramps. Stimulates milk production. Use in soups, vegetables, breads, fruit sauces, or cheese dishes. Zones: 3-7 also to 10 if kept from extreme heat 50+ seeds- Quantity > - $2.30

CARDOON  Cynara cardunculus (A) Fleshy edible stems form like celery and later in the season send up a shoot of small buds that resemble artichokes and turn into purple thistle-like flowers.  The head of the stems are like celery and can be steamed. Easy to transplant.  50 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

CATMINT  Nepeta faassenii (mussinii) (P) Zones 3-9.  Smaller and more decorative than catnip with silver foliage and lavender-blue flowers.  Blooms the first year and all summer.  Carefree and attractive when used as a border. 100+ seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

CHIVES   Allium schoenoprasum  (P) Zone 3-9.  Small lavender flowers and hollow edible stems, smelling and tasting mildly of onion.  Use in soups, egg dishes, soft cheeses, vegetable dishes and salads.  Use fresh, dried, or frozen.  Can be grown indoors.  200+ seeds-Quantity > - $2.30 

CALENDULA Calendula officinalis (A) Organic.   Flowers are used in tea or as an infusion with olive oil, or dried and crushed and mixed with cornstarch. Has been used fresh on injuries. Acts as a general tonic, induces sweating and increases urination. Externally relieves burns, insect bites, bruises and rashes. Natural antifungal. All zones. 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CATNIP Nepeta cataria. (P) Exciting for cats, soothing for humans. OK for children. The dried leaves and flowers are made into a tea. Mildly sedative. Member of the mint family with a spreading habit. Harvest frequently to keep it from getting leggy. Hardy to zones 3-4.+ 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CHAMOMILE, GERMAN Matricaria recutita. (A) A tea with the scent of pineapple and apple made from the leaves and flowers calms the nerves and muscles. A relaxing beverage before bedtime, also effective against diarrhea, good for digestion. .Mildly antiseptic for a mouth wash or used in the bath to relieve anal and genital swelling.. Also used as a splash on insect repellent. Easy to grow. Zones 4-10 + 200 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CHAMOMILE, ROMAN Chamaemelum nobile. (P) Often used as a ground cover. Has the same uses as German Chamomile. + 200 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CHASTE TREE Vitex agnus-castus. Tender Perennial OG Berries are used to regulate hormonal functions, relieve muscle spasms and pain, and promote lactation. A graceful, aromatic shrub that will bloom in the summer starting at the age of three to four years. Zones 7-9 +100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CLARY SAGE. Salvia sclarea. (B,P) An attractive plant for the flower garden. Tea made from fresh or dried leaves and flowers is said to be effective against digestive disorders and kidney problems. Also used as a skin freshener or in a bath. Hardy to zone 5. + 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30 

COMFREY Symphytum officinale. (P) Considered by some herbalists to be the most powerful healing agent in the world. Grows well in moist locations with full sun or partial shade. Comfrey ointment heals almost any kind of sore, bruise, burn or abrasion. A tincture made of Comfrey works just as well. Leaves decomposed in water make an excellent fertilizer. Not recommend for internal use. Hardy to Zone 3. 8 seeds Quantity>$2.30

CREEPING THYME. Thymus serypellum. (P) A tonic from this plant is good for the stomach and nerves. Added to bath water it stimulates the flow of blood and relieves nervous tension. An infusion is said to relieve the pains and headaches of a hangover. Very fragrant, the dried flowers are good in sachets. Grows well in containers or makes a good ground cover outdoors in well drained soil. Cut back regularly. Zones 5-9. 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

CUMIN Cuminum cyminum Annual.  The key ingredient in curries and chili powders. As a medicinal, cumin seed has been used as an antispasmodic, carminative, sedative, and stimulant. Cumin oil has been reported to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Requires well-drained soil and mild temperatures (48-79*F.) during growing season, does not tolerate long periods of dry heat. 100 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

CHINESE ANGELICA, (DANG QUAI) Angelica chinensis Known as the women's Ginseng, used to treat menstrual cramps, PMS, sciatica, liver problems, shingles. Is mildly pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic. Powdered root is used. Do not use when pregnant. 25 seeds - OUT OF STOCK

CILANTRO Coriandrum sativum. Annual.  Also known as Coriander, Chinese Parsley. Leaves and seeds are used in cooking, for digestive problems. Oil from the seeds is antifungal and antibacterial. 100 seeds.
Quantity > - $2.30

CODONOPSIS Codonopsis pilosula Perennial.  Organic. "Poor Man's Ginseng" Invigorating tonic, good for the blood. Needs a trellis. Roots are used at 3 years of age. Zones 4-9. 50 seeds - OUT OF STOCK

DANDELION Taraxacum officinale. (B,P) Leaves are used in salad and cooking, roots are roasted to use like coffee. Juice from the root is used as a blood cleanser, diuretic, blood builder, liver stimulant, digestive aid, flatulence reducer and to stimulate the appetite. All zones.+ 100 seeds  -Quantity>$2.30

DWARF DILL Anethum. Can inhibit bacterial growth, eases upset stomach. a very weak tea can help with colic (check with your Doctor first). For flavoring pickles, salads and soups. Well adapted to containers, growth to 18". Easy. All zones. + 100 seeds  -Quantity>$2.30

ECHINACEA E. pallida. (P) This plant has strong immune stimulating properties and has been used for centuries to treat measles, mumps, arthritis, chicken pox, blood poisoning, scarlet fever, ulcers, colds, bladder and other infections. Stimulates the immune system, purifies the blood and has antibiotic properties. All parts can be used, but the root is the most effective part. Make a tea by boiling two teaspoons of dried root in a cup of water. Drink a cup twice a day. This plant might not flower for 2-3 years, dies back every winter and regrows in spring. Zones 3-9. + 50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

PURPLE CONEFLOWER Echinacea purpurea  (P) (Same uses as E. pallida above) A showy, clump forming  perennial that dies to the ground in winter and sprouts back in spring. Established clumps can be up to 3 ft (0.6 m) in diameter and just as tall. Does best in full sun, but will tolerate part shade. Drought tolerant. To zone 3. 50+ seeds -Quantity>$2.30

NARROW LEAF CONEFLOWER Echinacea angustifolia (P) Similar in appearance to Pale Purple Coneflower but growing only one to three feet tall. Perfect for well-drained loam and sandy loam soils. Flowers appear in June. Excellent for butterflies. One of the most sought after species for making tinctures. Drought tolerant. To zone 3. 50+ seeds -Quantity>$2.30

ELECAMPANE Inula helenium. (P) Flowers in its second year, can grow to 8 ft. 2 year old roots are used as a lung decongestant, for bronchitis, asthma and as a compress for viral skin lesions. Hardy to Zone 3.  + 100 seeds -OUT OF STOCK
ENGLISH THYME Thymus vulgaris (P)
A tonic from this plant is good for the stomach and nerves. Added to bath water it stimulates the flow of blood and relieves nervous tension. An infusion is said to relieve the pains and headaches of a hangover. Very fragrant, the dried flowers are good in sachets. Grows well in containers or makes a good ground cover outdoors in well drained soil. Cut back regularly. Zones 5-9. 25 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

EPHEDRA/MORMON'S TEA. Ephedra nevadensis (P) Low growing shrub, dried stems are used. Makes a tea that contains traces of ephedrine, a nerve stimulant. Can be used as a tonic as it improves kidney action and is said to relieve asthma, decongestion and fever. This plant can be difficult to establish but is very hardy once it is. Prefers full sun and dry conditions. Zones 4-10. +10 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

EUCALYPTUS E. citriodora (P) Leaves, which contain germicidal and antiseptic properties, can be used as a poultice for skin lesions. An infusion can be made by boiling a handful of dry leaves for 20 minutes to be used as a tea or as a vapor to relieve nasal decongestion. Also used as an insect repellent and room deodorizer. Strong lemon scented narrow leaves and clusters of white flowers in Winter. Must be container grown north of zone 9. Will grow to a height of 50'.. Zones 9-10 +10 seeds Quantity>$2.30

EUCALYPTUS, SILVER DOLLAR E. cineraria (P) Round silver-gray and highly aromatic leaves. Commonly seen in florists' shops for dried arrangements. Hardy to at least 30 degrees F, and makes a great patio or indoor plant if given enough light. Fast growing and easy to care for. 10+ seeds- Quantity > - $2.30

EVENING PRIMROSE Oenothera biennis (A,B) Tall and bushy with lemon scented yellow flowers. The tap root and young leaves are edible. An infusion of these parts has stimulating effects on the liver, spleen and digestive system. The seed oil, which contains gammalinoleic acid, has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, hyperactivity, eczema and acne.   Zones 5-9. + 200 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

FENNEL, LEAFY Foeniculum vulgare (P) Organic.   Leaves are used fresh in salads, stems and roots are cooked. Seeds are made into teas and tinctures for use as digestive aid, expectorant and as a spleen, kidney and reproductive tonic. Easy to grow. Zones 6-10. + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

FENUGREEK Trigonella foenum-graecum (A) A tea made from the seeds is said to give strength to those suffering from tuberculosis or recovering from an illness. Also used as an aphrodisiac, to reduce fever, as a laxative, ulcer cure and for other stomach ailments. A soothing poultice is also made from the seeds. Used in pickling, marinades, meat dishes or sprouted for salads. Grows 1-2' tall. Zones 6-10.
+ 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

FEVERFEW Chrysanthemum parthenium (P) Long used to relieve migraine headaches and pain from arthritis, fevers and menstrual cramps. Feverfew inhibits blood clotting and is beneficial for persons with cardiovascular diseases. Only 3-4 of the tiny leaves may be used daily mixed in with other foods or made into a tea. Use fresh or frozen, drying weakens their effects. Consult with a physician. Hardy to Zone 5.+ 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

FLAX (Linum usitatissimum) Flax (Linum usitatissimum) Seeds are an excellent source of Linolenic acid, and linoleic. Fibers are used in poultices for boils, shingles and psoriasis. Attractive border plant with blue flowers. 100+ seeds Quantity >- $2.30

GARLIC CHIVES   Allium tuberosum  Heirloom  (P) Zone 3-9.  Chinese leek.  Produces clumps like regular chives, 1/4 inch wide leaves with a distinctive garlic-like odor and flavor.  Flowers are greenish-white, attractive when dried.  Use the leaves, stems and flowers. Can become invasive.  200+ seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

GINSENG, AMERICAN Panax quinquefolius (P) Relieves stress, general tonic, increase fertility, counteracts toxins, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, has been prescribed for most ailments. The roots are used at an age of 5-6 years. Best if planted in the fall and mulched over winter. Requires special care and placing in a shaded area, good drainage is essential. Hardy to Zone 4. Stratified seeds are shipped from September until sold out after which it will be placed on backorder for you.  20 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

HEARTSEASE. Viola odorata tricolor (A) Widely used in England, a very attractive plant with slightly fragrant lavender, yellow and purple flowers. Used for love potions, medicinally for dropsy, respiratory and eye problems, antiseptic and expectorant. Can be added to salads, jellies, drinks, and can be candied for decorations. Zones 5-8.  +10 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

HOREHOUND. Marrubium vulgare. (P) Tea made from the leaves and mixed with equal parts of honey makes a fine cough syrup or soothes a sore throat, use no more than four times a day. Also acts as a liver tonic. Likes sandy soil, best to start indoors. Leaves can be used at any stage of growth. Easy to grow. Hardy to Zone 4.  + 50 seeds --Quantity>$2.30

HOPS Humulus lupulus. (P) Safe and effective aid to relax and sleep. Can help stimulate the appetite and relax nervousness.. Use the fruit to make a tea or mix with other dried herbs to make a sachet to put beneath your pillow. A twining climber usually grown on a trellis or fence. The female plants bear the fruit. Height to 20 feet. Zones 3-9. 20 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

HYSSOP. Hyssopus officinalis. (P) Attracts bees and butterflies, has many uses. Aromatic leaves are used to treat colds, flu, bronchitis, sore throat, indigestion, lung ailments, and as a stimulant. Poultices are good for bruises, burns, and to speed the healing of tissues. Makes a good cough medicine and is currently being examined by AIDS researchers.  Zones 4-9.  + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

JOE PYE WEED Eupatorium purpureum Perennial.  Used for kidney problems, to stimulate circulation, induce sweating. Leaves have a vanilla scent when crushed. Known also as Gravel Root or Queen of the meadow. Zones 4-10. 25 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

LADY'S MANTLE. Alchemilla xanthochlora. (P) The fresh root was traditionally used to stop bleeding. Tea made from the leaves is used as a heart tonic, curative for female re-productive disorders such as menstrual pain and irregularities. Zones 3-9. 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia (P) Hardy to zone 5 and can be raised indoors in colder climates. Early flowers contain the most oils. Only one teaspoon of flowers to one pint of water is used as a mild sedative tea or poultice. When dried and placed in closets and drawers with clothes, it will deter moths and lend its wonderful fragrance to the clothes. Usually flowers in its second year. Zones 5-8. 40 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

LEMON BALM. Melissa officinalis. (P) Leaves are used fresh for a calming tea for colds, flu, depression, headache, indigestion, sedative, antiviral. Grows well in pots and hanging baskets.  Zones 4-9  +100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

LEMON CATNIP (Nepeta cataria citridoria) Perennial. Use fresh or dried for a relaxing tea. OK for children too. Mildly sedative. Cats don't like this one. Hardy to zone 3. 100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

LEMON GRASS Cymbopogon flexuosus Tropical perennial grown as an annual. Used for digestive problems, fever, is an anti-inflammatory. Clump forming, lemon scented also used as flavoring, in perfumes. 200 seeds.  Quantity > - $2.30

LICORICE. Glycyrrhiza glabra. (P) Most famous for use as a flavoring, the root which is harvested after 3-4 years is 50 times sweeter than sugar. Good for the throat, stomach, intestines. Has an effect that stimulates the adrenals and endocrines. May take 2 years to look mature. Seeds must be cold stratified. All zones. 25 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30

LION'S EARS. Leonotis leonurus. (A) This is a showy plant that was a favorite of the Zulu The leaves can be smoked in place of tobacco with soothing effects. A good tub plant. Zones 9-10.  10 seeds -OUT OF STOCK

LOVAGE  Levisticum officinalis (P)  With a taste like celery the leaves, stems, and seeds are used for cooking.  The roots are used as a diuretic and are effective against flatulence.  Roots and leaves have been used in concoctions to cure boils, and relieve skin problems.  To zone 3. 100 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

LYCII (Lycium barbarum / chinense), pronounced Lee-Chee, also known as Wolfberry and Goji Berry. Helps remove toxins from the blood by strengthening the kidneys and liver. It can also protect the liver from damage as a result of toxin exposure. They have many virtues including being an aphrodisiac, a tonic for the blood, energy, liver and yin (fluids) of the body as well as a rejuvenative. They are a supreme eye food, helping to improve night Blindness, blurred and poor vision. Lycii berries have been used to treat anemia, asthma, bronchial inflammation, diabetes mellitus, erectile dysfunction, pneumonia, tuberculosis, vertigo, weak knees and back. They are highly nutritive, containing beta-carotene, vitamin C, B1 and B2, and linoleic acid. Lycii are said to "brighten the spirit " and prolonged use promotes cheerfulness. Salt air tolerant for seaside planting, grows well in poor soils but needs good adequate watering and good drainage. Hardy to zone 6, grows 3 to 10 feet. 10 seeds   Quantity > - $2.30

MARJORAM. Origanum majorana (A) Long lasting annual or tender perennial grown in the garden or potted. Has antioxidant and antifungal properties. Not recommended for use during pregnancy as it may irritate the uterus. Used to relieve sinus congestion, asthma, rheumatism, indigestion, and to fight cancer.  Zones 9-10.
50 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MARSH MALLOW. Althaea officinalis. (P) Used as a remedy for sore throats and as a laxative. An ointment made from the root will help heal any type of sore. It is believed that an infusion made from the leaves will benefit sufferers of cystitis and urinary tract infections, ulcers and indigestion. The leaves and roots can be cooked and eaten and are said to be an immune system stimulant. A hardy plant with edible flowers Young leaves can be used in salads, roots can be boiled then fried with onions. Zones 2-10.  +100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MOTHERWORT Leonurus cardiaca Perennial.  Female tonic, emotional balancer, stress reliever, used to treat infertility and regulate menstrual cycle. Easy to grow. 50 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30 

MULLEIN. Verbascum thapsus. (B) The flowers have been smoked to soothe pulmonary diseases. Tea from flowers and leaves (strained well) has been used to treat coughs, congestion, tuberculosis,, bronchitis, colds, flu, emphysema and laryngitis.  Zones 3-8.  +100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MEADOWSWEET. Filipendula ulmaria. (P) An herbal answer to aspirin that will not upset the stomach. An infusion made by steeping two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes can relieve discomfort due to fever, respiratory problems, headache and arthritis. This infusion should not be given to children.
Zones 3-9.  15 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MEDICO ALFALFA. Medicago sativa. (A) This strain of alfalfa can be made into a tea by placing two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and soaking for 15 minutes. It is used to treat arthritis, boils, digestive disorders, urinary tract infections, bowel disorders and bad breath. Eating the sprouts in salads is also very beneficial, so let some of your plantings go to seed. All zones. +500 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MILK VETCH. Astragalus membranaceus. Organic.  Popular in Chinese medicine, it is often used in conjunction with ginseng and Dang Qui. Roots are harvested after 4-5 years. Strengthens vital energy, stimulates the immune system, helps prevent colds.  25 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

MUGWORT. Artemisia vulgaris. (P) An excellent women's herb used for menstrual and menopausal problems An infusion made from dried roots at a rate of 1 ounce of herb to one pint of water makes a stimulating tonic. Doses should be 1/2 teaspoon while still warm. The infusion provides healing energy and improves memory. The leaves are used to repel moths.  Hardy to Zone 4. + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

OREGANO, GREEK   Origanum heracleoticum  (P) Zones 5-10.  Spreads rapidly, white flowers.  Use in Italian dishes, tomato sauces, meat, fish and salad dressings.  50+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PARSLEY, FOREST GREEN (B) Double and triple curled leaves on upright stems give this parsley a crisp, clean look with a very good yield and flavor. 100+ seeds  Quantity >- $2.30

PARSLEY, MOSS CURLED   Petroselinum crispum (B) Zones 5-9.  Will repel asparagus beetles. The most common garnish, contains more vitamin C than orange juice and is also a good source of vitamins A,B, calcium and iron. 100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

PARSLEY, ITALIAN FLATLEAF  100+ seeds-Quantity>$2.30

PEPPERMINT. Mentha piperita (P) A much preferred aromatic. Use fresh or dried leaves for tea, let steep for 15 minutes. It will relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, indigestion, rheumatic pains, colds, is antimicrobial and antiviral.  Zones 4-10 + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

POPPY Papaver somniferum Annual.  Low morphine content. May need staking as flowers are heavy just before seed ripens. 50 seeds- Quantity>$2.30

PLEURISY ROOT, BUTTERFLY WEED. Asclepias tuberosa (P) Organic.  A handsome fleshy-rooted plant growing to 2' high that attracts butterflies. The root is powdered to make and infusion that relieves pleurisy, colic and indigestion. It is also helpful with diarrhea, dysentery , acute rheumatism, lung ailments and wounds. The infusion is made using 1 teaspoon powder to one cup of water. Likes full sun. Zones 4-9. +25 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

PURPLE PASSION FLOWER Passiflora incarnata (P) A vigorous vine to 20' or more. Easy to grow. The only passionflower used medicinally. 1 teaspoon of leaves makes a pleasant tasting tea to aid in sleep and relaxation. NOT to be used by pregnant women as the harmala compounds are uterine stimulants. Zone 10. 10 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

PSYLLIUM, PLANTAIN. Plantago psyllium (A) A popular remedy for constipation. The mucilaginous seed coat lubricates and cleanses the intestines, acting as a mild laxative.  All zones. + 100 seeds OUT OF STOCK

QUEEN ANNE’S LACE  (Wild carrot) Daucus carota Biennial The  root is edible while young, but quickly becomes too woody. A teaspoon of crushed seeds has long been used as a form of natural birth control; its use for this purpose was first described by Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago. Research conducted on mice has offered a degree of confirmation for this use—it was found that it disrupts the implantation process. Chinese studies have also indicated that the seeds block progesterone synthesis. 25 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

RED CLOVER. Trifolium pratense. (B) Red Clover has long had a reputation as a cancer fighter. Contains large amounts of tocopherol, a potent antioxidant form of vitamin E that has been shown to prevent tumor formation in animal studies. It may also provide effective relief for menopausal symptoms as elements of the plant behave like estrogen. A tea can be made by boiling three teaspoons of dried flower tops per cup of water and steeping 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day.  All zones. + 250 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

RIBWORT, LANCELEAF PLANTAIN . Plantago lanceolata (A) Crushed leaves soothe cuts, stings, insect bites. Good in salads, acts as a diuretic. Grows best in dry soil, part shade.  All zones. + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

SAFFLOWER, FALSE SAFFRON  Carthamus tinctorius   (A)  Spiky yellow-orange flowers can be used fresh or dried as a dye or food coloring to create a delicate orange tint.  Also used in dried flower arrangements.  Seeds may be eaten or pressed for their oil.  Grows to 3 feet.  50 seeds OUT OF STOCK

SAGE. Salvia officinalis  Perennial.  Its use as a food seasoning, and its medicinal values have been known for centuries. In the garden, it should be planted next to cabbage, it will improve the taste and repel cabbage worms and moths. All zones. +25 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

SAW PALMETTO Serenoa repens (P) The berries from this tropical palm have recently been discovered as an aid in the treatment of prostate problems. Requires high to medium light. Trunk-less, clumping growing habit.  Zones 8-10.  10 seeds -OUT OF STOCK

SAVORY, WINTER Satureja montana Perennial.  Used for sore throat, diarrhea, indigestion, as an aphrodisiac, also as a pepper substitute, spice. More robust than Summer Savory with a higher rate of Thymol. Oils are antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant. Zones 4-8. 100seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

SAVORY, SUMMER Satureja hortensis Annual. Same uses as Winter Savory. Edible flowers. 100 seeds  Quantity > -$2.30

SCHISANDRA / MAGNOLIA VINE Schisandra chinensis (P)  Zones 5-8  A woody vine with clusters of tiny, bright red berries. The fully ripe, sun-dried fruit is used medicinally. It has sour, sweet, salty, hot, and bitter tastes. This combination of flavors is reflected in  its Chinese name wu-wei-zi, meaning “five taste fruit.”  Used for amnesia, anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic diarrhea, cough, diabetes mellitus, chemotherapy support, dysentery, excessive perspiration, excessive thirst, headache, heart palpitation, hyperglycemia, hypertension, impotence, indigestion, infertility, insomnia, fatigue, common cold/sore throat, nervous exhaustion, hepatitis and liver support, neuralgia, night sweats, menopausal symptoms. Side effects are uncommon but may include abdominal upset, decreased appetite, and skin rash. 20+seeds -Quantity>$2.30

SHUNGIKU Chrysanthemum coronarium (A) Use like spinach.  Leaves and tender stems are eaten raw or cooked, yellow daisy-like flowers can be quickly blanched and eaten, seeds may be eaten as a snack.  It is 3 1/2’ tall at maturity.  It will neutralize fish odors and enhance other flavors.  Growth to 5 feet.  100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30

SCULLCAP. Scutellaria baicalensis. (P) A hardy perennial from Ireland growing to 18" with profusion's of violet blue orchid-like flowers. It is an important Chinese medicine that is prescribed for fevers, colds, hypertension, insomnia, headaches, hepatitis, diphtheria, shingles, PMS, anxiety and depression. Zones 6-8.  30 seeds LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER!  Quantity > - $2.30

SELFHEAL, HEAL ALL. Prunella vulgaris. (P) Used in China for liver and gallbladder problems, it stimulates the body to heal. Has been used for coughs and colds, to stop bleeding and close wounds. Easy to grow.  Zones 4-9.  +100 seeds -OUT 

ST. MARY'S MILK THISTLE. Silybum marianum. (A,B) Organic.   All parts of this plant are edible. Silymarin, which is found in the leaves, is known for liver rebuilding. + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

SORREL   Rumex acetosa (P)  Productive, lemony flavored herb used in salads, soups, sauces.  Attractive to certain butterflies.  100+ seeds Quantity>-$2.30

STRAWBERRY TREE. Arbutus. (P) A beautiful evergreen tree. The strawberry shaped though tasteless, fruits make a stimulating wine.  Zones 7-9. + 10 seeds -Quantity > - $2.30 

SWEET ANNIE  Artemisia annua  (A) 4-5’   Fern-like silvery foliage, sweetly scented, used in crafts and traditional Chinese medicine for Malaria.  Flowers in late summer.  Self seeding. 50+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

SWEET BAY, BAY LAUREL Laurus nobilis. Perennial.  A spice bush in your kitchen. Leaves are used in soups, stews, gravies. Out doors in Zones 8-10 can grow to 30 feet. Seeds are perishable, plant immediately or refrigerate upon receipt.  10 seeds - Quantity >- $2.30

SWEET CLOVER Melilotus officinalis. (B) Used medicinally to prevent blood clotting and for poultices and salves. Also said to be useful in treating arthritis and rheumatism. All zones. + 500 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

SWEET WOODRUFF Gallium odoratum  (P) Zones 5-9.  Creeping groundcover with fragrant white flowers and vanilla scented leaves.   It is traditionally used to add a vanilla flavor to alcoholic beverages. Good for potpourris. Prefers damp soil and shade.  Slow to germinate seeds need cold stratification.  25 seeds Quantity > - $2.30

SPEARMINT. Mentha spicata . (P) Leaves are good for use in teas, sauces, jellies, sweets and garnishes. Aids digestion. Zones 4-10 + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

ST. JOHN'S WORT. Hypericum perforatum. (P) Since ancient times this plant has been used for wound healing, as an antispasmodic, sedative, and antiviral. Has bright, cheerful flowers from June to August. Hardy to Zone 5.  + 100 seeds -Quantity>$2.30

STINGING NETTLE. Urtica dioica. (P) The bristly hairs of the plant act as a hypodermic, injecting formic acid, an irritant, under the skin when touched. The leaves lose their sting when cooked or dried and are rich in iron and vitamins C+E The tea is good for arthritis, eczema and anemia. A decoction of the root makes an external treatment that applied to the scalp is said to treat baldness.  Zones 3-10.  + 300 seeds-Quantity > - $2.30

TARRAGON, RUSSIAN Artemisia dracunculus  The aromatic leaves of tarragon are best used fresh to flavor chicken, fish, seafood and eggs or to infuse oil or vinegar. Zones 4 to 9. Perennial growing to 24 to 36 inches.   100+ seeds  Quantity > - $2.30

TEA BAGS  Fill and seal with a hot iron applied along the top edge. 100 bags in each package  OUT OF STOCK

YELLOW / WHITE MUSTARD Sinapsis alba  (A) Grows to 4 feet.  One of the mustards used to produce seeds for condiments. A milder mustard than the black variety.  Leaves can also be eaten. 100+ seeds Quantity > - $2.30 

VALERIAN. Valeriana officinalis. (P) A beautiful garden plant, it is also used to relieve pain, nervous conditions, migraines, and insomnia. The roots of the plant are ground and used to make a tea at a rate of one teaspoon to a pint of water. The best herbal tranquilizer. Very hardy to Zone 4. + 100 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

VERVAIN. Verbena officinalis (P) Used as a pain reliever, to induce sweating, reduce inflammation, calm nerves, and is a diuretic. Can be used in the bath.  All zones.  +100 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

WHITE SAGE (Salvia Apiana) Perennial- Large leaved variety used in smudge pots and incense by Native Americans. Used for culinary and medicinal purposes also. Can grow from 3 to 10 feet. 50+ seeds Quantity >-$2.30

WILD ANISE. Pimpinella anisum. (A) A licorice flavored tea made from crushed anise seeds is said to help respiratory problems such as bronchitis by clearing mucus from the air passages. It is also believed to promote milk production in nursing mothers. The seeds contain the chemical photanethole which is similar to the female hormone estrogen. The effect of this chemical helps to relieve the discomfort of menopause. To make the tea, crush one teaspoon of seeds and place in a cup of boiling water. Steep for 20 minutes. All zones. Quantity > -$2.30

WILD BERGAMOT Monarda fistulosa Perennial.  Used to soothe colds, bronchial congestion, improve digestion. Flowers are edible. Also used as a seasoning in salads and bean dishes. Zones 3-9. 100 seeds  Quantity > -$2.30

WITCH HAZEL Hamamelis virginiana. (P) Shrub. The extract from the bark, leaves or twigs contain substances that constrict blood vessels and help prevent bleeding. Use as an external astringent. Also has strong antioxidants that help reduce or prevent wrinkles. Leaves turn yellow in the Fall after spidery yellow flowers appear. Best if planted outdoors in the Autumn.  Zones 4-9.  12 seeds  Quantity > - $2.30 each 

WOOD BETONY. Stachys officinalis. (P) Hardy, grows to 3' with deep purple flowers. Tea from the leaves is used to relieve depression and despair, sore throat and diarrhea.  Hardy to Zone 4. 10 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

YARROW. Achillea millefolium. (P) This herb is useful for severe colds, fevers and wound healing, and is said to help stop bleeding. A decoction of the whole plant is good for bleeding piles. Boil 1 ounce of dried leaves with one pint of water for tea and sweeten. All zones. Does not tolerate heat and lots of moisture.
+100 seeds-Quantity>$2.30

Contains 1 pack each of the following:

Quantity >- $15.95

LAVENDER FLOWERS (no stems) Use for tea, sachets, pillows, bath water, etc. Relieves stress, headache, promotes sleep, strengthens nervous system, repels insects. OUT OF STOCK


GENERAL PESTICIDE #1` Murphy's Oil Soap mixed 1/4 cup per gallon of water will kill and deter whiteflies, mites, aphids, scale and other nuisance pests. Apply with a spray bottle to both top and bottom of affected leaves and stems when sun is not shining brightly.

GENERAL PESTICIDE #2 Mix together 1 teaspoon dish washing liquid, 1 cup of vegetable oil and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Add 2 teaspoons of this mixture to 1 cup of water and apply as for #1 above.

SAFE MOSQUITO REPELLENT Mosquitoes are very sensitive to certain scents, Chamomile and Eucalyptus especially. Both are easy to grow and both are used in dry flower arrangements and potpourri. To make the mosquito repellent take one oz. of green leaves from both plants and boil in a gallon of water. Strain and place in the refrigerator. Before going outside, splash the mixture over your face and exposed parts of your body. You will enjoy the fresh, citrus smell but the mosquitoes will stay far away.

SNAIL DETERRENT: Place crushed egg shells or course sand around the base of plants if you are having a problem with snails or slugs. They don't like crawling over the sharp edges and the shells are good for the soil!

Don't use chemical sprays to kill bugs in your home. Decrease the number of insects getting into your home by repairing holes in screens and doors and destroying nests of vermin in your yard. Powdered boric acid mixed with a bit of sugar can become an effective and less dangerous ant and roach control.

Choose organic fruits and vegetables. If organic is not an option, ask for produce that is locally grown it will thereby be treated with fewer chemicals to help it survive transport to market. Many other countries don't have restrictions on pesticides Shop at farmer's markets and food co-ops, try to buy produce grown in the U.S., the supermarket usually notes the origins on the price cards.

Practice organic gardening. Avoid chemical lawn services; plant native plants that do well in your region without a lot of chemical intervention, and increase your tolerance for weeds and bugs just a little bit!




Synthetic pesticides are more of a threat to man than the insects. As each generation of insects become more immune, stronger and more potent chemicals are developed. Meanwhile we are absorbing these chemicals as they permeate our homes, gardens and lawns. We are also depleting the quality of our lives and poisoning the world around us. We hope that most American gardeners will help reverse this trend by utilizing natural pest deterrents that have been successful for generations.

AFRICAN MARIGOLD  Tagetes erecta  Annual  Popular and easy to grow nematode defense. Best when used as a cover crop before or after regular planting season. +100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

DALMATIAN PYRETHRUM. Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium. Perennial.  The most effective natural insecticide for flying and crawling insects, the least harmful to mammals or birds it is made from the dried and crushed flowers of the Dalmatian Pyrethrum. The brown powder will kill or stun the insects the moment it touches them. Safest pesticide to use on pets, sprinkled on their coats. This member of the daisy family is a beautiful ornamental and will compliment any garden or flower bed. While very effective, the powder only lasts for a few days. You can prolong its use throughout the year by freezing fresh flower heads in zip-lock bags and drying and crushing them as needed. Although this is the safest natural pesticide, please use common sense when handling. Will bloom in the summer of its second year. +40 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

OSAGE ORANGE-Hedge apple (Maclura pomifera) Fruits are a repellent to roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, fleas in the home. Whole fruits are placed around the home. Makes a strong natural hedge if planted close and kept trimmed, wood is very durable and has been used for bows and fence posts. Hardy as far as zone 4. 25 seeds- Quantity > - $2.30
VELVETBEAN Mucuna deeringiana Annual Fast growing, soil improving tropical native well adapted to sandy soils. Reduces populations of peanut and southern root-knot nematode. May be incorporated into the soil as a green manure or allowed to mature before the tops are chopped down. Also provides fodder as all parts are suitable feed for livestock. 20 seeds-OUT OF STOCK

ENGLISH PENNYROYAL. Mentha pulegium.  Perennial.  A small leafed herb that has spikes of lavender, fragrant flowers. Ground pennyroyal is one of the most effective tick deterrents available. Dust powder made from the leaves around areas where the pet sleeps and plays. Grows well in hanging baskets. Zones 6-10. +200 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

EPAZOTE Chenopodium ambrosiodes Annual.   Whole plant can be used to make a strong "tea" used for washing floors and porches to repel insects and larvae. 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

FEVERFEW Chrysanthemum parthenium Biennial / Perennial.  A beautiful daisy that blooms midsummer through fall. The flower heads are used to make one of the best natural pesticides available. Also used medicinally. Hardy to Zone 5.   +100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

GOPHER PURGE, MOLE PLANT (Euphorbia lathyrus) Biennial, re-seeds easily. A thick stand is necessary to repel varmints.  15 seeds per pack Quantity > - $2.30

LAVENDER Lavandula angustifolia  Perennial.  A beautiful aromatic herb that is hardy to zone 5 and can be raised indoors in colder climates. Beautiful flowers on long stems and narrow green leaves. Sow in fall or spring. When planted in the garden, it will deter pests with its fragrance. When dried and placed in closets and drawers with clothes, it will deter moths and lend its wonderful fragrance to the clothes. Usually flowers in its second year. Zones 5-8. 40 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

LEMON BASIL. Ocimum basilicum v. citriodorum.. Annual.   An aromatic herb with small pretty flowers and lemony fragrance. An attractive plant that is easy to grow. When planted in the garden close to tomatoes, it not only improves the taste of the tomatoes but deters white flies as well. Can also be used in salads, as seasoning, and in potpourri.
+50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ANY TOBACCO. See Our Tobacco Page.  To make the perfect garden pesticide, mix 1 teaspoon of powdered dried leaves with one teaspoon of dish washing detergent in one gallon of water. This may need to be strained Apply with a sprayer only during the twilight hours as direct sun on the wet leaves can cause damage. The powder may also be sprinkled around the base of the plants.

MUGWORT. Artemisia vulgaris.  Perennial.  Leaves are used to repel moths. An excellent women's herb, see medicinal plants section. Hardy to Zone 4. +100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

PEPPERMINT Mentha piperita  Perennial.  Helps to repel ants, aphids, cabbage lopers, flea beetles, cabbage worms, squash bugs and white flies. Can be invasive so keep trimmed. Planted near others for protection or use a tea made from the crushed leaves. Zones 4-10.  +100 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

ROSEMARY. Rosmarinus officinalis.  Perennial. Evergreen aromatic shrubs from the Mediterranean. Grows 2-6' with pale blue 1/2" flowers and attractive foliage. Powdered Rosemary leaves are used as a flea and tick repellent. Simply dust the powder onto the pet or areas where the pet sleeps. A very effective and safe repellent. Zones 7-10.+20 seeds.-Quantity>-$2.30

SHOO-FLY PLANT. Nicandra physalodes. Annual.   2-5' tall with sky-blue flowers, followed by unusual, papery wing pods that are excellent for dried arrangements. A beautiful ornamental often raised around greenhouses for its possible fly repelling properties. Said to attract and kill white flies. Zones 8-10. 15 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

SAGE. Salvia officinalis  Perennial.  Its use as a food seasoning, and its medicinal values have been known for centuries. In the garden, it should be planted next to cabbage, it will improve the taste and repel cabbage worms and moths. All zones. +25 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

SESAME (sesamum indicum) Ground sesame stalks are either mixed into the soil before planting or applied as a mulch around growing plants to control nematodes. Sesame has a long history as a crop. No harmful effects have ever been reported in humans, livestock that feed on leftover stalks, or as a result of mixing the stalks into soil after harvesting the seeds. Isn’t this better than fumigating with chemicals??  Harvest the seeds for use in baking, cereals or make fresh tasty sprouts too!!  Requires full sun and rich, moist soil, warm temperatures, will not usually go to seed outside the recommended zones (8,9 and 10).  Grows to 3 feet tall with shiny 5” long leaves and pale pink bell shaped flowers.  A great border plant and attractive addition to the vegetable garden. 1 ounce package (approx. 5,000+ seeds) organic, use some for the garden and make sprouts with the rest!  Quantity > - $3.00

TANSY Tanacetum vulgare  Perennial.  Leaves are used to repel ants and moths, in sachets or strewn about. Small yellow button-like flowers are used in potpourri or dried for everlastings. Zones 4-9.  Cannot ship to CN  + 50 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30

WAX MYRTLE Myrica cerifera  30 seeds  A Southern native, Wax Myrtle is an evergreen shrub or small tree, can grow to a height of 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide, hardy to zone 6. The aromatic compounds in the foliage seem to repel insects, especially fleas. A traditional plant around southern homes to help with pest control, the roots are also nitrogen fixing! A sprig of in a closet or drawer is said to keep cockroaches out! It can grow in semi-shade or sun, requires moist but well draining soil, can tolerate strong winds. Leaves and berries are used as a food flavouring and can be a substitute for Sweet Bay leaves. Dried root bark is used in a tea for bacterial infections, diarrhea, colitis, as a gargle for sore throat and colds and externally as a wash for itchy skin. Not be used during pregnancy
An aromatic wax covering on the fruit can be extracted by boiling, the wax floats to the surface and is then skimmed off.  It is then strained through a muslin cloth and can be used to make aromatic candles, sealing wax, soaps etc. 8 lb of berries will yield about 2 lb of wax. 30  seeds 
Quantity > - $2.30 per pack

WORMWOOD. Artemisia absinithium.  Perennial.  3-5' tall with gray, silky foliage and spikes of small flowers. Hardy throughout the US. Easy to grow from seed. Has many uses as a seasoning and medicinal plant. Powdered dust made from the leaves when sprinkled on plants and soil will deter many insects, not because it is toxic, but simply because they do not like the fragrance. Zones 4-6.  20 seeds-Quantity>-$2.30 


Essential Oils these are pure extracts, very potent and should be diluted and used sparingly.  Use with caution and avoid direct contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes!  Remember, if a little works good it doesn’t mean that more will work better! Use for making tinctures, teas, cosmetics, massage oils, bath oils and salts, potpourri, candles, incense etc. Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put in cupboards to repel insects. Sold in 1 oz. dropper bottles. (**)=Not for internal use.

 "Repellents containing ... the oil of lemon eucalyptus offer "long-lasting protection against mosquito bites, nearly equal to DEET" the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said".  Make your own now with our:

  EUCALYPTUS OIL (LEMON) E. citriodora Repels mites, fleas, mosquitoes and other insects from humans and pets. -Quantity>-$8.00 per 1 oz. bottle, the best price you will find!

TEA TREE OIL(**)   Tea Tree oil may be applied directly to the skin to stimulate healing and fight bacterial and fungal infections. For sensitive skin, you may want to dilute it with olive oil.  Used to treat nail fungus, burns, bites, Athlete’s Foot, Acne, dandruff, use in wash water for household cleaning, add to shampoo and make a spray to repel insects. -Quantity > -$10.00  

LAVENDER OIL, Use in closets and storage areas to repel moths and other pests. Add to massage oil and baths to relieve aches, use for aromatherapy, soaps, candles, potpourri etc. Not for internal use. 1 oz. Quantity > - $8.00

PEPPERMINT OIL  Repels aphids (use with thyme oil), can be used in ponds with or without fish. Safe for making tinctures, teas, cosmetics, etc. 1 oz. Quantity > -$8.00

LEMON OIL  Use in flea shampoo, insect repellent spray, keep away animals and other pests.  Safe for making tinctures, teas, cosmetics, etc. 1 oz. Quantity > -$8.00

VIRGINIA CEDARWOOD OIL(**) use around the home to repel moths.-Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle

CITRONELLA OIL(**) use to repel insects and ticks from humans, their clothing, indoors and out. Can be used on ornamental plants, in trash bins to repel animals.-Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
JOJOBA OIL(**) Can be used on all plants to kill and repel whiteflies, powdery mildew. -Quantity>-$7.00 per bottle
LEMONGRASS OIL Use on ornamental plants and garbage areas to keep out dog, cats, other animals.-Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
WINTERGREEN OIL Ornamental plants, indoor and outdoor areas, garbage containers to repel insects and animals. Note: can be TOXIC in large quantities. -Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
THYME OIL Kills aphids within 5 minutes, kills beetles other insects. Can be used in ponds and other aquatic areas. Very safe. -Quantity>-$13.00 per bottle
CINNAMON OIL Can be used on many food crops and ornamentals. Repels dogs and cats. Helps control fungi such as Verticillium, Pythium and others and insects. -Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
CLOVE OIL Used on many food crops and ornamentals, indoors and out, on pets, kills many types of insects. -Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
ORANGE OIL Can be mixed into shampoo for dogs and cats, kills or repels fleas, mosquitoes, mites, ticks. Use in the home or outdoors, makes an insect repellent for humans also. -Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle
CARAWAY OIL same as for Orange Oil. -Quantity>-$8.00 per bottle


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Nicotiana is the genus of annual and perennial herbs and, more rarely, shrubs of the nightshade family. Plants have sticky, hairy, foliage and are poisonous. The flowers are trumpet shaped and white, yellow, green, pink, orange or violet. Most varieties grow well in large containers outside or indoors in very bright or artificial light. These are all annual varieties except the Argentina.

Tobacco for personal consumption is limited to 1/10th of an acre per homeowner. You could easily grow 400-500 plants that can yield approximately 5 or more ounces of cured tobacco each. A pound of cured tobacco can make up to 400 cigarettes. There are approximately 40 leaves to a pound.

***If you can grow tomatoes where you live, you can grow tobacco! ***

$2.30 per pack, 25-50 seeds unless noted.***

PLANTING, RAISING, CURING GUIDE. All the information you need to successfully grow, harvest and enjoy your own tobacco. - Quantity > - $2.00 each. Or FREE!!!>  if you are ordering over $10.00 


ARGENTINA  Sylvestris Open pollinated. Vigorous, growing to 5’ with large leaves, white flowers. Good for blending, mixes well with cigarette and pipe tobaccos. All zones. -OUT OF STOCK

BURLEY  Tabacum var.  (H) Favored in Tennessee, produces a high quality leaf that is used for cigarettes and pipes. This plant has multiple disease resistance, is vigorous and easy to grow. Does well indoors or out in all zones. Height to 6’.Quantity > - $2.30

CHILEAN. Langsdorffi Open pollinated.  A variety from Chile, can be raised as far north as Maine. Has odd, green, nodding flowers.  Grows to 4'. Has a very pleasant flavor. All zones or indoors. OUT OF STOCK

COMMON SMOKING          Tabacum burley  (H)  This is a standard Burley. It has an even flavor and produces large, spot free leaves. It makes a good filler and pipe tobacco. Grows 4-6' high. Grow indoors or outdoors in zones 6-10.  Quantity > - $2.30

INDIAN  N. rustica. OP Grows to 3' tall.  Cultivated worldwide for smoking and nicotine production. Has yellow flowers that open during the day. Very potent, it has been used as an arrow poison. Can be raised as far north as Maine. Good for smoking, excellent flavor, high nicotine content, good as a pesticide. - Quantity > - $2.30 

NORTH CAROLINA 2 (Hybrid) (North Carolina State University). A commercial burley grown by the cigarette and chewing tobacco industry. Has a unique flavor. - OUT OF STOCK

SHERAZI Tabacum sherai Iranian. OP A premium quality that is good for filler and pipes. Grows to 6 ft. with pale purplish flowers, long leaves. Matures in 85 days. -OUT OF STOCK

TENNESSEE BURLEY (Hybrid) Vigorous, high quality with multiple disease resistance.  A good cigarette and pipe tobacco. - Quantity > - $2.30

VIRGINIA BLENDING ( Hybrid ) A large burley for cigarette blends with good disease resistance and heavy yields.  Quantity > - $2.30


PERIQUE tobacco seeds Heirloom  OUT OF STOCK


KENTUCKY BROWN LEAF  Heirloom   Originating in Kentucky, large leaves of medium body.- OUT OF STOCK

KENTUCKY DARK. Tabacum var. (Hybrid) A good filler for cigarettes, pipes and cigars and a good cigar binder. Leave 10 to 12 leaves after pruning to increase leaf size. High yield and high quality. Good disease resistance.  Quantity > - $2.30

LITTLE CRITTENDEN  -Heirloom A very high quality dark tobacco with long, slender leaves. Good for chewing, pipe and cigar. Has been grown in Crittenden County, Kentucky since around 1880. Excellent air-cure variety; a good choice for the home grower. Quantity >- $2.30

LIZARD TAIL ORINOCO X TURTLE FOOT  Heirloom  Has been grown in Virginia a long time.  Closely spaced leaves of medium size, leaf is heavy.- Quantity > - $2.30

MADOLE Tabacum madole Heirloom  Earliest maturing, best where early harvest is desired. A fine commercial variety that is fast growing and hardy. Provides a great wrapper or a premium snuff when ripe. Good for blending. Does well indoors or out in most all zones. - Quantity > - $2.30

NARROW LEAF MADOLE  Open pollinated. Produces a long slender leaf that makes a good wrapper or chew.- Quantity > - $2.30

SHIREY Open pollinated.  Produces a good yield of high quality.- Quantity > - $2.30

SMALL STALK BLACK MAMMOTH. Tabacum var. (Hybrid) Best used as a cigar wrapper. Has a smooth flavor. Grow indoors or out.  All zones. - Quantity > - $2.30

WALKERS BROADLEAF Open pollinated.  Cigar wrapper.  Originated in Virginia, leaves are closely spaced and wider than most.- OUT OF STOCK

JASMINE Nicotiana alata.  A sweet scented tobacco with pure white flowers. Grows well in pots. Used as an ornamental and for smoking. Height 3-5’. - Quantity > - $2.30

ROSE (Tabacum rosa) Rosy pink flowers on a fast growing medium leaf tobacco. Good in containers. 25+ seeds Quantity >- $2.30



TUBE INJECTOR: Place tobacco and tube inside and presto, you have a cigarette!  Quantity   $13.00 Quantity >  

PIPE REPLACEMENT FILTERS........pack of 10.  Quantity > - $2.00 per pack

ZIG ZAG ROLLING PAPERS 1 1/2 width for ease of rolling. 32 sleeves per pack
Quantity > - $3.50

FILTERS, CIGARETTE: To insert before rolling for a smoother smoke. 100 per pack
Quantity > - $2.50

ROLLING MACHINE: The Clear Machine 79mm....very easy! Quantity > - $6.50 each


In most cases you will notice that the seed counts in these packs have at least doubled. 


Worm Tea Bags 4 pack (makes at least 4 gallons)  Quantity>$2.00 shipping weight average 5 oz

AFRICAN DAISY Dimorphotheca sinuata Annual Zones 3-10 SOLD OUT


ANGEL'S TRUMPET Brugmansia datura. Magnificent fragrant white flowers, blooms from the end of Summer through Autumn. Can be grown outdoors in the summer in a sunny spot, trim back and bring indoors during cooler weather. Zone 10, minimum 45*F. 50+ seeds - Quantity >-$1.25 per packet, 250 seeds Quantity >-$5.00 


BABY'S BREATH  (Gypsophila elegans)  Florist type that bears thousands of tiny starry white flowers. A nice filler in the border, blooms ten weeks after starting from seed. Cut back after each bloom of flowers to prolong the blooming time. 200+ seeds $1.25 Quantity >  


BLUE PASSIONFLOWER Passiflora caerulea. (P) SOLD OUT

BRAZILIAN NIGHTSHADE / ST. VINCENT LILAC  Solanum seaforthianum (P) Zone 10 A showy, evergreen, slender-stemmed vine growing to 20 ft., bears large clusters of violet-blue star shaped flowers with yellow stamens  followed by small scarlet berries.  50+ seeds-Quantity>-$1.25

BIRD OF PARADISE  (Crane Flower) Strelitzia reginae SOLD OUT

BLUE DRACAENA Cordyline indivisa. SOLD  OUT



CARDINAL VINE / Hearts and Honey Vine (Ipomoea x multifida) Annual SOLD OUT

CHINA DOLL. Radermachera. SOLD OUT

CANDLE BUSH Cassia Alata.  A fast growing shrub with large leaves that fold together at night. Produces bright yellow flowers that look like large candles dripping wax. Requires lots of bright light but otherwise easy to grow. Zone 10.  20+ seeds  SOLD OUT

CONFEDERATE ROSE. Hibiscus mutabilis. A small flowering tree well suited for containers. Has 6" lobed leaves and 4" flowers which open white or white-pink. Hardy to about 10 degrees. Zones 9-10.  +30 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25

COSTA RICAN BAMBOO PALM Chamaedorea costaricana. Produces multiple slender, smooth trunks resembling bamboo each bearing 12-24 drooping leaves with many thin leaflets. Can reach 10-12 feet. 40 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25 

CANARY BIRD VINE Tropaeolum peregrinum. SOLD OUT


CHILEAN GLORY VINE Eccremocarpus scaber An exotic looking vine from Chile that bears loads of beautiful, fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds. Good for fences, walls and trellises. Grow anywhere as an annual.  Zones 9-10.  20+ seeds-Quantity>-$1.25 / 500 seeds -Quantity>-$5.00

CLEMATIS Clematis tanutica Fast growing, fast flowering, will have yellow blossoms in only three months from seed.  Zones 5-9.  20+ seeds Quantity>-$1.25 / 500 seeds Quantity>-$5.00

CORAL VINE Antigonon leptopus SOLD OUT

CYPRESS VINE (Ipomoea quamoclit) SOLD OUT

DWARF UMBRELLA (Schefflera arboricola) Dwarf form of the Schefflera. Zone 10 to 15' + 30 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25


ENGLISH IVY Hedera helix Zone  SOLD OUT

FIRECRACKER VINE (Ipomoea, Mina lobata) SOLD OUT


HAWAIIAN COTTON, Ma`o  (Gossypium tomentosum)  Hibiscus or mallow Family  Spreading shrub up to 5 feet tall with silvery-green leaves. Hibiscus-like flowers are yellow. The cotton bolls are small with tan-colored lint. Grows well in arid coastal or lowland areas. Requires full sun and room to spread . Is tolerant of salt air and well-suited for hot, lowland or coastal sites.  Can be grown in rocky areas, may also be appropriate for xeriscapes although it may lose some foliage during times of severe drought. Requires full sun. 20+ seeds $1.25 Quantity >  



GOLDEN MIMOSA Acacia baileyana A small graceful tree from Australia, well adapted to growing indoors. It has a profusion of beautiful flowers. Zone 10.  40+ seeds-Quantity>-$1.25

HAWAIIAN WOOD ROSE (Wood Rose, Yellow Morning Glory) Merremia tuberosa  SOLD OUT

HEAVENLY BAMBOO Nandina domestica. Bamboo like dwarf shrub with elegant foliage which is reddish when young and again in Autumn. Zones 7-10. 50+ seeds-Quantity>-$1.25



JACARANDA Jacaranda mimosifolia SOLD OUT

INDIA HORSE GRAM VINE / HYACINTH BEAN .Lablab. Dolichos biflorus. A fast growing annual vine with yellow 3/4" pea like flowers in pairs, followed by flat, brown pods 2" long filled with seeds. The seeds are edible whenproperly cooked, leaves and young immature seed pods are edible and used in stir fry.. Makes good green manure.  Zones 9-10.  20 seeds-SOLD OUT

KANGAROO VINE Cissus antarctica SOLD OUT

MADAGASCAR JASMINE (Stephanotis floribunda) SOLD OUT

NEW ZEALAND CABBAGE PALM Cordyline australis A beautiful container plant that is easy to care for. Its long slender grass like leaves make it an attractive accent. It is fast growing and tolerates abuse and low light. Zone 8-10.+40 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25




PITTMAN'S PRIDE var. (Schefflera arboricola) Smallest yet of Scheffleras, useful in dish gardens and small planters. 20+ seeds- Quantity > - $1.25

POLKA DOT PLANT Hypoestes phyllostachya. SOLD OUT



ROSE MOSS  (Portulaca grandiflora) SOLD OUT

RUBBER TREE PLANT Ficus elastica decora SOLD OUT


SILK TREE Albizia julibrissin. A beautiful tree with graceful, feathery foliage and pink, yellow or white flower plumes. The leaflets fold up at night. Zones 7-10.  +30 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25

TREE FERN Asparagus virgatus SOLD OUT

TRUE MYRTLE Myrtus communis SOLD OUT


WINTERSWEET Chimonanthus praecox Shrub to 10 ft., delightful by path, porch, or corner; protect in extreme cold. Blooms on bare branches during Winter with very fragrant cup-shaped yellow flowers with purple centers. Zones 7-9. 30 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25


SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA Magnolia grandiflora Zones 7-9. Seed and all parts of this plant are poisonous! Handling plant may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. 60-90 ft high, with a trunk up to 2-3 ft in diameter. Seedlings are very susceptible to frost damage. Seedlings can grow 18 to 24 inches the first year. Commonly develops root and stump sprouts in mature plants. Extremely drought tolerant, it does best in rich, well-drained, acidic soils. 30 seeds Quantity > - $1.25

PALM LILY Cordyline Elegant narrow, curving foliage, growing 3-8' tall. Easy to care for. Fast growing when young. Tough, cool temperature indoor plant. Zone 10.  +20 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25

PHILODENDRON. P. selloum Has magnificent foliage with deeply lobed leaves up to 20" long and 28 inches wide. Does well in partial shade and is a good container plant. Eventually forms a palm-like trunk. Zone 10.   +30 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25


PYGMY DATE PALM Phoenix roebelenii. SOLD OUT

PERUVIAN LILY. Alstroemeria aurea. SOLD OUT

YELLOW CARIBBEAN TRUMPET TREE Tabebuia caraiba  Blooms in the spring.  Very hard wood tree and makes really beautiful cabinets, resistant to termites.  Use for small spaces, in full sun, on well drained soil. Has no pests, is deciduous. Height:  30-40 ft. (9-12 m)  Zones 10-11 30 seeds Quantity > - $1.25 each   

YLANG-YLANG , Cananga odorata. SOLD OUT


PRINCESS TREE, Empress Tree  Paulownia fortunei  Zones 6-9  Extremely fast growing can reach up to 20-70 feet.  The wood is very easy to work with and suitable for the manufacture of furniture, plywood, moldings, doors etc. The leaves and fragrant lavender flowers are rich in nitrogen and make a good fertilizer. They are drought resistant once established with roots that go deep into the ground  making planting around the tree easy and friendlier to walkways or fixtures. can adapt to a wide range of temperatures. +50 seeds Quantity > - $1.25 / 1000 seeds Quantity > - $5.00

VIRGINIA CREEPER Parthenocissus quinquefolia  A self clinging climber that can reach a height of 50' or more The leaves turn brilliant shades of scarlet and orange in the fall followed by blue-black fruits. Ideal for north or east facing walls and fences. Will grow readily up trees.  Zones 5-9.  +30 seeds-Quantity>-$1.25


DAVID'S ROSE Rosa davidii  1700's A large shrub 2" flowers, deep lilac pink.  +20 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25 / 250 seeds Quantity > - $5.00

CINNAMON ROSE  Rosa davurica 1700's ROSA  A low shrub, flowers pale to deep pink or red.  +20 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25

FATHER HUGO ROSE/GOLDEN ROSE OF CHINA Rosa hugonis 1899 A very thorny upright bush, with pale yellow flowers. +20 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25

VIRGINIA ROSE  Rosa virginiana Strong pink color, bush type, rapid grower, glossy  dense foliage. N America native.  +20 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25

MEMORIAL ROSE Rosa wichuraiana  White flowers on this vining groundcover. Partial shade to full sun to Zone 3.  +20 seeds- Quantity > - $1.25


TATARIAN HONEYSUCKLE (L. tatarica) Flowers are pink or white in pairs.  Grows to 10 feet. 20 seeds-Quantity > - $1.25




FLY HONEYSUCKLE (L. xylosteum) Flowers yellowish white in pairs. Grows to 10 feet. 20 seeds-Quantity > - $1.25



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